Monday, May 5, 2014


celebrated Cinco de Mayo yesterday at work! I saw this GREAT IDEA for making crispy shells in the oven. The directions mentioned laying the tortilla {which had been sprayed with oil} over two rungs on your oven rack. I did that with the first batch. Second round, I tried a single rung. My GOOD intentions were "smoking hot"... I didn't notice one of the tortillas had slipped off the rack and was burning under the bottom rack. Oops! I'll go back to frying my "torts" in a pan... it may not be as healthy, but the shells will be much crisper...

RANDOM. Saturday evening, JPE & I attended a fundraiser for a local organization. This little bird was part of the table decoration {which was auctioned off at the end of the evening}. I didn't win the plant, but my table-mate knew how much I loved the bird, so she grabbed it for me. I hope we have good "karma" this week? the sugary {sorry for the blur} figure topped our de-lish cupcakes, along with a single yellow flower! Carrot cake {mine} & chocolate {JPE's}... YUMMY!
{FYI - the person who won the table decoration, won 4 of them...
so, I didn't feel all that bad for accepting this cute, black bird}

This is what R.E.T.I.R.E.M.E.N.T. looks like. JPE broke the seal on a new puzzle... 1000 pieces of FUN!!! We have always joked that he would begin working the B.I.G. puzzles when he retired. No excuses now! We have a closet-ful of 500 piece puzzles... any puzzle-lovers out there?

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  1. Love the puzzle - I haven't done one in ages. I saw the tortilla trick on pinterest, bummer it didn't work!



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