Wednesday, November 20, 2013


Sebastian --- yes, he's as sweet as he looks! In fact, he's a total lover-boy! He's been featured on my blog numerous times --- HERE, ALSO HERE and MY FAVORITE, HERE!

Mazen, Sebastian & JPE at Arlington National Cemetery, Virginia
If he were smaller, he'd love being a lap-dog --- but, he's a working dog --- leading Mazen through the maze of people riding the Metro in Washington DC, attending concerts, plays, parades and the last two presidential inaugural festivities, sitting through court proceedings, and even visiting the White House (where he slurped a bowl of water, creating a bit of a mess on the floor).

Sebastian "loving" ALL the attention --- from Ada & Katie
If I remember the story correctly, Mazen & Sebastian met at Guide Dogs for the Blind in San Rafael, CA. Mazen also received his first guide-dog, Ragan, from the same facility.

which brings me to today's post...

Today, a light rain (enough to ruin to totally create havoc with your hair) fell as JPE & I walked across the  Cal-Poly campus (California Polytechnic State University-San Luis Obispo, CA) this afternoon. 

We trailed behind a group of trainers working with their "guide-dogs" --- the puppies were practicing walking in the rain, maneuvering among the college students and learning to pay attention to the "ebb & flow" of the moving bodies.

As JPE & I were getting ready to walk into a meeting, we saw the dogs once again. In the middle of the UU (University Union) --- the puppies were calm, listening and were demonstrating the expected behavior of a guide-dog.

Having been around Sebastian for the last 5 years, I understand the working relationship between a guide-dog and their mobility partner...

Mazen & Sebastian in Georgetown, Washington DC
... it's a "priceless" partnership of love --- trust ---  work --- fun!

You can learn a lot about guide-dogs for visually impaired or blind persons at this WEBSITE

Most importantly --- when a guide-dog is wearing a harness, they are not to be interrupted from their work. Ask the owner for permission to pet or speak to the dog.


  1. What amazing animals!! Yay Sea-Bass!


  2. wonderful, the relationship between people and animals is a lovely gift.



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