Monday, June 3, 2013

P52 {WEEK 22}

Today's post is part of P52 {WEEK 22} of 2013. The other bloggers participating can be found at RANDOM-OSITY - TAMAR's blog.

I'm in the process of editing photos from our trip to Washington DC. There's NOTHING quite like "seeing & experiencing the world through the eyes of a nine-year old."

Here's a PEEK from Katie's week...

on the floor at Steph & Mazen's
Sebastian (Sea-Bass) is Mazen's guide-dog. When Sebastian was working (wearing his harness), Katie had to avoid touching or hugging Sea-Bass! She told me, she had a hard time avoiding his eyes. It seems, LOVER-BOY, had some sort of power over Katie. I love her expression in this photo. They're lost in the experience of enjoying each other's company. 

outside the American Indian Museum, Smithsonian Mall
Kids are FUN! I get a thrill from their "energy" --- our feet were sore from all the walking! but, we still fell asleep each night, with a smile on our faces!

near the Capitol & Botanical Garden, Washington DC
What would we do without FACETIME? Katie was so excited about seeing the Capitol --- she called her mom to show her the "sights." The ducks decided they wanted to get in on the action!!

Using public transportation was the highlight of our trip! Stephanie & Mazen live near the Ballston Metro stop (Arlington, VA) & travel into the city (Washington DC) for work each day. Katie's greatest accomplishment was --- learning to go "DOWN the escalator" --- she had no problem going UP, but stepping onto the DOWN escalator was  difficult for the first couple of days! 

Mount Vernon, Virginia
Katie discovered that some of the flowers in George Washington's Mount Vernon Gardens are different than flowers grown in California. My french-braiding skills came in handy! humidity = wispy hair (reminded me of Allie & Steph's hair, at the same age). Thank you Katie for allowing me to braid your hair each morning!

Mount Vernon, Virginia

Katie loves --- LOVES animals! Her family will be getting two puppies in a couple of weeks! I have no doubt they'll be loved! She's decided to have a "Dog-Walking" business when she gets a bit older! Having watched her walk Sea-Bass, I have no doubt she'll be able to save plenty of money for her "dream trip to Paris."
Washington Dulles Airport
It was such a "treat" to be able to introduce Katie to the world of TRAVEL! 

Thank you David & Jodi for allowing me (& GiGi) take Katie on this trip! It was exciting for me "to see the world through the eyes of your nine-year old!"


  1. What a great post...she is adorable. Something for you all to remember.

  2. Wonderful shots, Kritty! I also love the photo of Katie with Sea-Bass. The B&W edit captures the simplicity of her joy beautifully. Thank you for sharing.

  3. Love to see Katie in these pictures having fun! Thanks for showing her a great time.



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