Monday, November 18, 2013

P52 {WEEK 46}

the tree outside our front door is shedding its COLORFUL leaves.

Checking in with Tamar @ Random-osity for Project 52 {Week 48},
as we spin toward the end of 2013!

First Congregational Church - Long Beach, CA
site for Andrew & Talia wedding!!

stunning stained-glass windows!
Sebastian, "guide-dog extraordinaire" wore a lavender bow-tie
to Andrew & Talia's wedding!

Sycamore Mineral Springs, Avila Beach
{click on link - it's amazing place}
JPE & I celebrated our 9th anniversary!
with a morning hot-tub, massages &
breakfast at Fat Cat's Cafe (on the pier in Avila Beach).
Sat on the patio enjoying the beautiful weather!

we want to book another massage soon!

a touch of FALL inside...

A busy few weeks! 
Thanksgiving Break
is coming soon!
{looking forward to some time off}

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  1. Love the church window!! And the heart shaped planter - so cool!!



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