Tuesday, November 26, 2013

P52 {WEEK 47}

The Nutcracker Ballet is a-coming!

Our holidays get into full-swing when I start playing Tchaikovsky's musical score for the Nutcracker Ballet... our daughters took ballet lessons, so I'm very familiar with the precision & skills required of ballet dancers. Although they never danced in a full-length holiday Nutcracker Ballet....

...our nephew, Daniel, has been dancing in the Nutcracker since he was 4 years old... He's played most of the roles... and in a couple of weeks, he'll be dancing his last Nutcracker Ballet at the Arlington Theater, in Santa Barbara, CA. {Daniel is JPE's nephew} I knew when I watched his first performance, he loved performing! for the past three summers, he's participated in "ballet intensive" summer programs --- in New York, Chicago and Salt Lake City!

Daniel again!
December 2012

My mom & grandniece, Katie, will be attending one of Daniel's performances... I know this year's ballet will tug at my heartstrings, so I can imagine the impact it will have on his mom & dad! He's planning on graduating from high school, and move onto the next step of his journey... and ultimately, a career as a professional dancer.

Do you plan to attend a Nutcracker
performance this holiday season?
if so, where?


  1. I love the Nutcracker!! I have learned sections of it when I was a dancer - one of my favorites!! Bravo to Daniel!!

  2. Wow! I really see a family resemblance. I hope that you have a great time and a super Thanksgiving. We will all be at Heather and Ward's.



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