Sunday, September 1, 2013


You know the drill... check in with
here are the words for SCAVENGER HUNT SUNDAY
Lydia - Looking DOWN to re-button her shirt...

afternoon SHADOW casting some shade on these cheerful fellows...

FLOW(ing) water is relaxing...

tis the season for leaves of a poisonous nature!
Here's a handy TIP...

"take a ride"
just BEYOND the building are U-pick berry orchards... ummm... berry-stained fingers, tshirts & full tummies!

and noooooowwww... Song-ography. This week's song is "If I had a Million Dollars" by the Bare Naked Ladies. The lyrics talk about buying a home, furniture, a car, a fur coat (fake ~ because real fur would be cruel), and building a fort in the backyard tree with a tiny fridge filled with tiny sausages... the lyrics are catchy, the tune is easy to sing (even for someone like me, who can't sing on key)...
BUT ~ If I had a Million Dollars, it would be spent T-R-A-V-E-L-I-N-G.

I'd want to add to my "bank" of traveling memories. I've visited... the Netherlands (Amsterdam), Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, France, Czech Republic, Poland, Slovania, Hungary, Croatia, Slovenia & Peru... and rented a flat for 3 weeks in London (with JPE)... In the 70's, traveling on a "shoestring budget" (does anyone remember the book, Europe on $5 a Day, by Arthur Frommer?) I also explored Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Spain & Portugal... (in addition to many of the countries already mentioned).

One of my favorite traveling quotes comes from the Dalai Lama,
"Once a year, GO SOMEPLACE you've never been before."
and while I've not been able to identify the author of this quote,
it's T-R-U-E for me!
"TRAVEL is the only thing you BUY that makes you RICHER."


  1. So true!! I LOVE to travel as well, and have been lucky to visit many, many places but there are so many more places!!

  2. Great pics!! Love the suitcases, makes me have wanderlust too!

  3. Great job on the hunt. Your shadow shot was fun and your tip was informative.

    Travel is nice to a point but I'm a "homebody" and really wouldn't want to be away from home for more then a couple of weeks at the most.
    You certainly have visited many, many places and I bet traveling suits you more then it would me.

  4. So many of us would travel!! Great hunt photos too

  5. Oh I am totally with ya on the travel. And I've never heard that quote before BUT...I'm gonna use it on the Better Half to help coax a trip out of the budget :). Thanks for joining in on Song-ography

  6. I just love your picture of the poison ivy. I just had a horrible case of it. I had to go on fun.

  7. Fun hunt and love those travel quotes, they have inspired me!

  8. Great finds for the scavenger hunt and excellent shot with apt quotes for the song*ography. You have certainly traveled and are quite rich in doing so.

  9. You're packed and ready to go! I hope that million comes your way soon :)

  10. Great shots, Christine - those stone faces are neat!

  11. Yep, if I had a gazillion bucks I wouldn't change my life that much but I would go more places more often.

    Great tip, Sweetie is just getting over, with the help of some drugs, a bout with poison ivy.

    I love how you froze the water drops in mid air in your flow pic.

  12. Beautiful photos ... my favorite is the leaves! Yes, travel would be on my million dollar travel plan too!. Thanks for stopping by my blog last week.

  13. What a great set for shs, I loved down and shadow!!

    And what a great choice for the million dollar song!!

  14. I really love your shadow shot! Those little guys are too cute!

    Great "If I Had a Million Dollars" shot too!



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