Saturday, August 31, 2013


 Putting the final coat of paint on the upstairs doorway molding...
contractor's paint choice for crown molding & base boards!
Sorry... but, give me Sherwin Williams paint!
this goes on sticky...

Ahhh! the dishes are beginning to pile up!

JPE's out of town - finished a two-day training in Siskiyou County... 
NOW, he's hitting the trail for some warm-weather hiking
in the beautiful mountains
near the California-Oregon border.

...maybe when JPE gets home, he'll bake some tasty
Cheddar-Rosemary scones?


  1. I usually use Bahr, mainly because it is convenient, but maybe on your recommendation I should try Sherwin Williams. I am going to redo the little powder room off of the family room ~ still is the planning stages but I want to get it done this fall.

    Those biscuits look so good!

  2. The joy of renting - painting is not my responsibility!

    Those scones look delicious!

  3. We used Behr when we painted the rooms in our new house and I was quite happy with it. I am planning to paint the breakfast nook some time, but not any time soon - too many other projects, especially the garden now that we're slowly moving into fall.



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