Sunday, September 15, 2013


Critter @ Barnes & Noble Bookstore
Busy weekend! Saw two movies --- My Family (Robert DeNiro, Michelle Pfeiffer) & Austenland (starring Kerri Russell). JPE left for two trips (5 days of teaching @ Sophia University & another 5 days for a trip to Cincinnati to visit his dad). Lauren (niece) is moving into a studio apartment in SLO to begin her credentialing program (mild-moderate disabilities) at Cal-Poly --- so, I'm off to our storage unit to pass along some items we no longer need.

I took most of my SHS photos while we were in SLO last night.

Ashley at Rambling & Photos posted these words: ENJOY A PUMPKIN DRINK, READ A BOOK, EAT OR BAKE SOMETHING SWEET, ANIMAL & ARTSY.

Our local Barnes & Noble Bookstore (SLO) sells Starbuck's coffee, but they are also selling Harney & Sons tea. The tins are beautiful --- the smells are incredible --- I've added a PUMPKIN SPICE tea purchase to my list for a return trip downtown.

I cannot stay away from the children's section in bookstores & libraries. I love pop-up books! There are so many cool books --- one of my favorite past-times is taking time to READ A BOOK with children.

The truth!! I didn't EAT or BAKE this SWEET TREAT. But, doesn't it look tasty? The girl behind the counter said these cupcakes are worth every calorie at least once this fall... may have to give it a try when I return to buy some tea.

Found this guy (gal?) in the kid's section at the bookstore also. JPE put this ANIMAL puppet on his hand, so he could stage a show for me.

What a score, huh? Five out of five photos were taken at Barnes & Noble Bookstore. Found this ARTSY picture  displayed on the wall at the top of the staircase (created by children in a summer art program).

And now, SONG-OGRAPJHY... 

this was actually a photo from our August camping trip with Lydia...

Don't forget to check in with Kathy to see what other bloggers post for the song, "SOMETHING BEAUTIFUL"...

At the time of this picture, Lydia & I were talking about the beginning of the new school year... and she was wondering if any of her girlfriends would be in her class... (they are all in the other 5th grade class, bummer!)

So, there you have it --- two "meme's"... see ya tomorrow.


  1. Great job! And WOW, you are a busy gal!!!! I really like how you were able to capture the movement of water as it splashes! I love the look of water suspended in's "Something BEautiful" isn't it! Thanks for joining in on Song-ography.

  2. You're awesome! These are great!!

  3. I love it when I can capture all the prompts in one place...kudos to you!! Oh that sweet treat sure looks mighty tasty. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and leaving your appreciated!!

  4. Well done. Loved the Pop-Up book, so cute.
    Those Pumpkin Tea tins were cool.
    Oh that Cupcake, I would have bought one right then and there.

    A lovely photo for Songography.

  5. Super. It is amazing what great things you can find in book stores...alas, here they have all gone out of business and I used to love to go and spend time browsing. I am a sucker for pop-up books too. How nice your niece will be near ~ that should be fun!

  6. One of my favorite teas was a Harney & Sons one that I bought myself for Valentine's Day a few years ago. It was chocolate & rose flavored - which sounds odd, but it was truly delicious. I always look for it again at that time of year.



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