Sunday, September 8, 2013


SHS 9.8.13
It's already time for SCAVENGER HUNT SUNDAY - check in with ASHLEY @ RAMBLING & PHOTOS. She's posted a fabulous FALL Bucket List for photo ops!

For now, here are this SHS week's words:

I chose not to highlight the holiday celebrated in the US... but, decided to show a typical DAY of LABOR(ING) along the Amazon River (Peru). Don't you LOVE the cheerful smiles of the "ladies" from the church!

The market place in Independence, Peru (along the Amazon River)... YES, the fruit seller is making a call on a cell PHONE... very unusual since most residents of this area live in extreme poverty...

Okay... I'm playing this word. I didn't have a picture of PILLS... But, JPE & I picked up our anniversary gift to ourselves a couple of months early. A large canvas of McWay Falls - #1/150 prints signed by the artist, Steve Thomas. JPE & I got married beneath the trees (top of the cliff; left of the waterfall). Cool fact: there are only TWO natural waterfalls that (S)PILL directly into the Pacific Ocean - the other is located in South America.

When we travel, I look for marvelous samples of architecture... if you see a CLOSE UP view of the detail between the two windows (pic on left), you'd see the spikes that were added to prevent pigeons (& other winged creatures) from ruining the stone work.

During our trip to London (summer of 2010), this boat in a bottle by artist Yinka Shonibare  was installed on the fourth plinth in Trafalgar Square. The plinth is used as a display for contemporary art, with artwork changing every 12-18 months. In the bit of WHITE SPACE, you can see the cloudy sky & the top of the National Portrait Museum.  Cool fact: the bottle neck was large enough for the workers to crawl through to complete the assembling of this ship!!! (click HERE to read more)

And now for Song-ography...
check in with Kathy @ Don't Shoot Your Eye Out!

My oldest daughter was a Queen fan... our 7 passenger van radio blared "Bohemian Rhapsody", "We Are the Champions" and "We Will Rock You"... while I transported half-a-dozen kids to speech tournaments. I had forgot about this song, "I WANT TO BREAK FREE"... but, I can still remember those sweaty bodies bouncing around in rhythm to QUEEN's lyrics, in the back seat(s) of the van!

Have you noticed a pattern? while most bloggers rest on the weekend, that seems to be the only time I have to edit, write & post to my blog.  Hopefully, you'll be back tomorrow... for P52!


  1. Wonderful interpretations! I really like Close Up!

  2. I really love happening upon a blog and learning something new! Did not know about only two falls spilling into the Pacific Ocean. And I loved learning about the display (plinth) and the fact that the bottle neck was large enough for men to crawl through. That was a surprise!! I thought it was just your normal ship in a bottle. Ha, ha!! Thanks for sharing all your shots....

  3. These are so fun! You do such a great job with these!!

  4. your break free image is stunning and a great set for shs. EVERYONE is on the phone, at all times these days!!

  5. Beautiful door! Italy????? Isnt it amazing how a song has the power to transport you to another place and time?!?! Thanks for linking up to Song-ography.

    1. I had to look up the location of the church... JPE loves to wander inside the churches we see on our trips! This church is actually St. Michael's, Cornhill (it was near the Leadenhall Market, London). Pretty, huh!

  6. What a cool set! I love the ship in a bottle and all the pictures of daily life in Peru. So fun!

  7. Your photographs are gorgeous! I really like your pictures of the people working in Peru. It is so interesting to see people's daily lives!



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