Sunday, August 25, 2013


my photos today feature a lot of the new overlays at PicMonkey
(click on School U). 
After a bit of vacay from blogging...  a few days of camping, visiting family & some painting...  I'm back to work & blogging!

Here are my interpretations of:

In most parts of the country, it's BACK TO SCHOOL... Love this school crossing sign (taken in London, England several summers ago). ALSO, if you are dropping off your kids at school, don't forget to watch for bike riders!! (bike lane in Brighton, England).

Did you read, in many states, cursive writing is NOT being taught in school? As an educator, I'm puzzled by this decision. What better way to build eye-hand coordination? are we developing a nation of learners who focus on finger taps, scrolling, pinching, abbreviated spelling & faces peering into small screens? Sorry about my soap-box opinion!
My favorite WRITING UTENSILS continue to be pencils (a Peruvian student practicing cursive) & my colorful ZIG markers.

FAVORITE SUBJECT? it has to be reading! Here are two of my favorite books... How to Get Your Child to Love Reading, by Esme Raji Codell and Children's Book-A-Day Almanac, by Anita Silvey. I recommend both for parents, teachers & librarians! I'll share some details about these books in another post later this week.

My "first place" LUNCH includes an apple. All the Farmer's Markets in our area are featuring locally grown produce... with apples being the most frequently purchased for school lunches. Pssst! I take my LUNCH to work every day in this cute bag.

We took Lydia camping in Plaskett Creek... next door to the campground is Pacific Valley Elementary School. Swinging, climbing & sliding - it there ANY better RECREATION for children (& adults)?

Today, I'm participating in SONG-OGRAPHY hosted by Kathy @ You'll Shoot Your Eye. This week's song by Frank Sinatra is "The Summer Wind"... this picture, taken at the top of the staircase down to the beach, just happened to remind me of Frankie's famous lyrics... this guy was pulling in his kite at the end of the day!

See you tomorrow! plenty of items to blog about...


  1. I love your back to school sings, and your writing utensils picture was great! I totally agree that kids should still learn cursive. Of course, I am the kind of mom that limits my kids' screen time too!

    As a librarian, reading is definitely my favorite subject! I will definitely check out the books you mentioned.

    I think your picture for sonography is just perfect. I love your perspective and the colors.

  2. Love these!!!! Put a smile on my face - I am so excited for this year, but it is nearly 6pm on my last Sunday of vacation...

    I still teach cursive! No pressure, but a skill I still value in this digital age (even though I only use it to scribble my signature!)

  3. Awesome! My favorite is recreation I love to swing.

  4. Ahhh, perfect shot foe "The Summer Wind". Love the perspective of looking down from above! Especially the kite. Thanks for linking up to Song-ography!

  5. So happy to have you back. It sounds like you all had a wonderful summer ~ love the swing photo.

  6. The sea, beach, kite... Perfect summer photo!

  7. Outstanding job with your images for both the hunt and song-ography. Love playgrounds - a love that does not fade with age.

  8. Wow! You did a great job here with your post!!! I love it! and your photos are just wonderful! Back to school - we homeschool and start tomorrow. My oldest is headed back to college today. I can't believe #1.) he's old enough to go to college and # 2.) the summer is over already. bummer!!!!

  9. Now I want to go find a swing...such great smiles! Your photo for Summer Wind is so pretty. I love the vibrant colors of the kite against the warm tones of the sand.

  10. what a cool perspective for viewing the kite. your image is perfect for frank's wonderful song!!

  11. Great set for SHS - Don't you just love Pic Monkey!
    I really liked your Back to School, Lunch and Recreation shots. - Your lunch bag is cute.

    Great shot for Songography - Kites always remind me of my dad who enjoyed seeing them flying at the beach.

  12. I love your little lunch bag. We are not quite doing apples yet here but we will be soon. I love apple picking.

  13. Great set!

    I am so with you on the cursive writing. My current school not only teaches it, but requires all work to be written in cursive from 4th grade on.

    However, at my last school, my kids couldn't read or write cursive. I found that out the hard way when I wrote a missing assignment list for an absent high school senior in cursive. He came back to school and told me he couldn't do any of my assignments because he couldn't read the list! I was shocked! I polled my class - and none of my 125 students had ever learned to read or write it!

  14. Love your photos! You're right - swinging is perfect for children & adults. I still love to swing.

  15. love your photo for the summer breeze prompt...perfect! I really need to join in on the fun you all have with the scavenger hunt! why do my weeks just fly by sooo fast?



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