Monday, August 26, 2013

P52 {WEEK 34}

Gosh, this is week 34 of 2013... only 18 weeks left in this year! Unbelievable!! Posting a mish-mash of photos from the past two weeks... Checking in with Tamar @ Random-osity.

Very unique brick wall in Laguna Beach! 

Not sure that my dad would have liked it - the mortar is oozing out between the bricks.

He was a master craftsman... hard to believe it's been almost four years since he passed away! 

You can spend the night in "The Nest" --- I would think you'd need a pretty warm night, with no fog blowing off the ocean. Cute sign seen at Treebones Resort, south of Big Sur proper.

The NEST - taken years ago - gosh, I've aged! 

Cool FONT! store window in Laguna Beach.

Pretty novel fire hydrant, huh? I was curious about the words located in the red - so I googled & learned this is an interactive scavenger hunt about a city! It appears it's still being developed in Laguna Beach, CA.

Last weekend, JPE & I joined four friends in Laguna Beach for Pageant of the Masters, a "living show" of art. Check out the video clip RIGHT HERE (click on what is it)! A simply amazing venue!

We bought a few new Lego Hero Factory action figures... Lydia explained which guys are "good" & which are "evil" but I don't remember the names of these guys. Apparently, these guys are a new line of Legos.

Speaking of NEW... I bought a new pair of work shoes! lately, I've only been able to wear my Keen sandals (due to plantar fasciitis)... I'm able to insert heel cushions in these new shoes! AHH! Comfort!

That's it for my random post... check back for the upcoming posts:
  1. Book Peek - see book title mentioned Sunday
  2. Site 33 - camping with Lydia
  3. Pure "beachy" - Big Sur style


  1. The brick wall is awesome - such a great week!


  2. Call me sentimental, but these new action figures got me nostalgic about my own collection of old Legos, lovely shots :)

  3. When I visit my son, Laguna Beach is a favorite place I like to visit more than once. So sorry about your plantar fasciitis...I had that same problem about 3 years ago, trying to put inserts into shoes so I could walk, yuk, not fun.

  4. Love the brick wall and the nest--how cool is that! I know those Lego Hero Factory characters all too well. My middle son is obsessed with them. I think we have them all and they are taking over the playroom as the good battles the evil ;0)

  5. When did you find the time for this new post. I love it. Am viewing it from my hotel in Yreka.



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