Sunday, June 2, 2013


Bumblebee ~ Mount Vernon, Virginia
I disappeared! 

I didn't realize how difficult it would be to post pictures while traveling with family. If you look back at THIS POST, you'll remember I was flying to Washington DC with my mom & grandniece, Katie. 

But, we're back! at school (Katie), work (me) & recuperating (mom)... This week's SCAVENGER HUNT SUNDAY is a PHOTOGRAPHER'S CHOICE. Can't wait to visit everyone's blog to see what everyone's been up to...

We visited the SMITHSONIAN MALL multiple times... people were walking, picniking, riding bicycles, sleeping, playing football, jogging AND flying kites. This young man (standing just below the Smithsonian brick building) had dual-controls to operate this brilliant green kite... he was pretty impressive!

Katie enjoyed visiting the HIRSHHORN  SCULPTURE GARDEN (outdoor exhibit) along the Mall. This happened to be my favorite...

We stayed at the Holiday Inn, Arlington, VA (located three blocks from Ballston Metro stop & two blocks from where my daughter lives)... The "ROLLING THUNDER" was celebrating 25 years of Memorial Day festivities... so, we got to see a motorcycle procession (with 250 motorcycles) leave the parking lot for Arlington Cemetery!! each evening the hotel lobby was "jumping" with the excitement of the motorcyclists "meeting & greeting" over coffee, drinks & cigarettes. 

Another "mall" shot... Outside the MUSEUM of AMERICAN HISTORY was a sculpture that rotated! we didn't realize it rotated UNTIL the shadow changed shape (at the top). I also captured our shadows... all lined up, watching the oval change to a kidney-bean shape!

We drove out to MOUNT VERNON, the home of President George Washington. Katie is a member of her school's GARDEN CLUB, so she enjoyed checking out the vegetables, flowers & ornamental plants. She was surprised the bumblebees are so LARGE!

Had to include this picture... the day was gorgeous & reminded me of Mr. Rogers famous words, "It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood"... (l-r) Moi, Katie, Mom, Stephanie... four generations (Katie's mom is a bit older than my daughter, Stephanie) standing outside the WHITE HOUSE

Well... thanks for your patience! Actually, our two "traveling words" were PATIENCE & FLEXIBILITY. It's difficult for nine-year olds to be PATIENT... (while waiting for a connecting flight or breakfast to be served).

I'll update you on our "remodel / renovation" later this week. Still editing Washington DC pictures for Katie.


  1. Some of my favorite places in DC! I used to go down to the Mall all the time when I lived there! Great post.

  2. Looks like a fun trip! I love your shadow pic. I have never been to DC, I bet there is so much to see!

  3. Too funny...check out my Scavenger Hunt....I am right after you on Ashley's page! Looks like you had gorgeous weather for your trip to D.C. So much to see and do. Beautiful family photo!

  4. Oh what a nice trip you had and with family too!! Really nice captures of such a great place!!

  5. Thanks for sharing your trip with us. Great photos.

  6. What a great trip...I love the photo of you all together ~ so cute!

  7. Wonderful shots from your trip. It's always good to see the photographer appear in shots. I enjoyed the shadow shot and the bee. I think the sculpture garden would be interesting.



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