Sunday, March 10, 2013


I'm sorry I missed last week's SHS... I loved the words!! I had even taken a couple of pictures to post. AND, I did receive some very nice messages (thanks, HONEY MOMMY) that told me they were missing me! I have to say, "bloggers are the nicest friends"...

I also have to tell my SHS blogger friends that I had to add word verification to my blog for a brief period of time. I had 300+ spam posts to a recent blog post. I'm clueless as to how spamming works, but it was disturbing that they continued to happen. My blog is read by family members, including my 9 year old granddaughter...  

Now, on to this week's words (some great ones!):
I'm hoping for a couple of new COOKIE recipes when I check over at RAMBLING & PHOTOS. AND, I'm very curious about everyone's WORD OF THE DAY. 

Adding egg #5 to this decoration. Have you started decorating for Spring?
Yesterday, the WORD OF THE DAY was "time" --- JPE resets the clocks to Daylight Savings Time on Friday (after work!) so he can get used to the "time" change. It works for him, but really throws me off --- I was constantly asking him what "time" it was.

Lola WIGGLING in the grass. She's a WIGGLER! When she's happy, the back end of her body goes into action.


SHARING a couple of photos taken at the Chapman House in Shell Beach. The house sits on a cliff overlooking the ocean... the afternoon sun was falling behind the Avila Beach hills. I get a "peaceful feeling" visiting the ocean.

The hunt for COOKIES had me believing I should think about making my famous cut-out sugar cookies. I have the pastel colored sprinkles, the carrot cookie cutter, milk, eggs but we decided to go to the movies instead.... we saw "The Quartet" a very sweet movie!

And, again, I want to apologize for adding "word verification" to my blogger friends who post comments. I plan to remove it when I notice the spam disappears!

Please keep coming back...


  1. I used my dog's tail for wiggly also. it does tend to move around when she is happy. I also had to add word verification a few times because of spam. I have taken it off and I also found that moderating my comments helps also...not for over 300 of them though!

  2. First, your wiggle picture it the best. My Boston is almost impossible to get a good picture of.

    I also like your brown eggs. I don't know what I would do with out my Farm Fresh Eggs.

    I will work on answering the questions you left on my blog; check back soon.

    I agree there is something special about blog friends! I don't understand spam either and could easily do without it.

  3. Cute set! I had trouble with spam...but figured out, after turning word verification back on, that it was anonymous comments that were the problem for me. I stopped allowing them, turned off word verification, and have only had two spam-ish comments in the last 3 months. Maybe that could help? I was getting tired of the Viagra ads, too. :)

  4. I love your Cookie photo. I want to see what they look like when you make them!

  5. Is your Lola a Boston Terrier? Cute!

    1. Lola is a Boston Terrier. She belongs to my youngest daughter & lives about 4 hours north of me. I miss her so I tend to take a lot of pictures when I see her. I think she was rolling around on a worm (in the grass)... why do dogs do that anyway?

  6. I was in such a block on wiggle. I liked the picture that I eventually came up with but we call our Dachsund Miss Wiggles because when she is happy her whole body tells us so.

  7. Great set! I love your creative idea for the cookie shot! I thought about making cookies also, but thought that was just too much work! The beach images are both so beautiful with that glorious light! I had a little trouble with spam, not near like yours, but I stopped allowing annonymous comments and I haven't had any more. I know I'm weird, but I kind of like trying to figure out the words. I'm pretty good at it! :)

  8. I like your cookie shot. I thought of making cookies too just for this, but then went outside instead. :)

  9. That wiggling photo has definitely put a smile on my face. It's adorable! Thanks for stopping by my neck of the woods.

  10. Nice shots Christine - love Wiggle!

  11. Very fun pics, especially of the dog.
    I used to get a lot of spam as well. However, since I moderate my comments they never made it out on the actual blog for others to read. Now I also have disallowed anonymous comments and I don't get spam anymore. I still moderate my comments and I will continue to do so. I don't like word verification and I know that it puts a lot of people off including me(and the word verification really is a pain), but luckily there are also other options.

  12. Liked the wiggle shots. Well done!



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