Sunday, March 17, 2013


week of the IRISH?
Welcome to SHS! 
I think everyone had to stretch their "brains" to find this week's words! I know I did! There's an adorable "IRISH" picture on Ashley's blog... RAMBLING & PHOTOS. Check it out!

How would you capture: LUCKY, IRISH, DAYLIGHT, CLOVER & POT OF GOLD?
coastline ~ Big Sur ~ 11.08.04
I'm LUCKY to have someone as funny, caring, brilliant, energetic, non-judgmental and "grounded" as JPE.

I have a "wee-bit" of IRISH blood! Would love to travel to Ireland with my mom! She's been before, but I want to experience the trip with her!! How 'bout it MOM? this October? of course, I'd have to take a loan... ha! ha!

I attended a workshop this past week. It's amazing what you see when you get out of the office, during DAYLIGHT hours! I sense SPRING is on it's way...

Mom & Dad brought this bowl back from Ireland! Gosh, I'd been racking my brain trying to think of something with CLOVER. * lightbulb * my Beleek bowl. Another reason to visit Ireland... I'd like to take a pottery tour to learn about the process for creating these hand-painted pieces. 

I couldn't remember the year my parents visited Ireland... but looking at the mark on the bottom of my bowl I know it was before the end of 1980. Unfortunately, my bowl was knocked off a bookcase & broken (the repair job was not the best ~ but, our housekeeper tried her best to gather all the pieces ~ I felt so bad for her)...

photo taken at Big Bear Lake ~ 2.9.13
I don't understand the scientific theory behind the "rainbow" particles in the sky... but I waited 85 minutes until the sunlight rose high enough in the sky to form a "V" and reflect that across the lake ~ felt like I'd found a POT OF GOLD.

Ummm... wonder where I can get a
dinner of corned beef, cabbage & boiled potatoes? 
wish I lived closer to Mom!


  1. I was loving that bowl just from the glimpse of the shamrocks in your thumbnail! How lovely!
    I too am Irish and would love to see Ireland; but I'd need a loan and then some. :)
    Wonderful shots for the hunt!

  2. Good job with your interpretations of this week's words. Ireland is on my bucket list to visit - at least your mom did bring back some lovely pottery.

  3. So you timed your rainbow appearance? Wow! I didn't know that could even be done! Love the shamrock bowl!!

  4. I have that bowl, too, Kritty!!! Your parents were in Ireland the summer of 1980...they sent a telegram for the birth of Michael Anthony!

  5. Beautiful clover bowl, and I love your pot of gold!

  6. I think you did a great job filling the prompts.
    Your clover bowl is very cute and the rainbow picts stunning!
    I hope you get that trip to Ireland with your Mom. Or at least a chance to spend more time with her.



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