Saturday, March 30, 2013


~ quote from Bishop Reginald Heber
Bishop Heber, an English clergyman,
served as the Anglican Bishop of Calcutta,
  until his sudden death at the age of 42.
Also a hymn-writer, several of his writings are still found
in 21st Century hymnals...
the one I'm most familiar with is

During our two-day visit to Nevada City, we observed
several photographers with their tripods set-up outside IKE'S ---
capturing the beauty of the cherry blossoms.  
Wednesday morning, while eating breakfast,
we watched a woman
spend 45-minutes taking photos from every angle.

this photo really doesn't capture the essence of the color,
nor the delicate-ness of the blossoms ---
carnation pink petals "d.r.i.f.t.e.d
from the tree onto the red-bricked patio
* S.I.G.H *


  1. Oh yes, such a gorgeous flower - love them!

  2. I can't wai for my cherry trees to bloom! I don't think I would spend quite that long taking pictures of the blossoms kids would surely get into something in that amount of time!



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