Sunday, January 20, 2013


I type the words into the NOTES app of my i-Phone &
promptly forget to check the list...
(although I have good intentions every week)
then... on Saturday or Sunday,
I scramble like crazy to find pictures.
Well, I DO have some pictures to share for this week's words:


ACE (youngest daughter) loved collecting tiny --- miniature --- things. Here's a BASKET next to two tiny mice. The penny is there to demonstrate the actual size of the items. (sorry for the blur - in a hurry).
Perfect weather... for a morning walk at the PARK... we visited the Santa Barbara Botanical Gardens (Friday).

An old AUTO... a Chrysler with a new antenna. It must be hard to find parts for older cars... JPE noticed a modern antenna on this old car!!

JPE is proud of his compost! and our roses love the rich, dark soil with its natural nutrients. We RECYCLE coffee grounds, tea leaves, egg shells, fruit & vegetable waste... into a small, open-air bin behind our condo.

We did some PEOPLE WATCHING at Alice Keck Park... the three children were feeding the ducks stale bread & donuts. One bite for them... one tossed bite for the ducks... very cute!

I'll be typing these words into my i-Phone: LACE, BLING, WOOD, FUZZY & FABRIC --- hope you'll consider joining SCAVENGER HUNT SUNDAY.


  1. what a happy week you had...and kudos for you for composting.

  2. I love your park shot - very tranquil! I'm also impressed by people who compost; I keep thinking that I should start, but I guess I'm just lazy. LOL

  3. Your people watching shot in the park is quite the contrast to my empty park one due to the cold temps here in Michigan.
    Great set!

  4. My daughter loves mini things too. She has many little collections. So cute! I type the prompts in my phone as well to help me remember to capture the prompts, but always wait until the day before.

  5. Great post, I love the car, the botannical garden shot and the people watching shot. Oh shoot (as we say in Oklahoma) I love them all.

    I always enjoy your profile pic. Very creative.

  6. Love your photos - especially the sunshine in your park photo! We took a walk through the park yesterday, but it was COLD! We're hoping to start composting here in New England when the temps warm up and we can start working in the yard.

  7. Your choices of photos are great- love the park and the kids feeding the ducks.

  8. Okay, I do the same thing each week. They just fly by so fast ;D
    I really love your take on park and auto. Great interpretations!

  9. Well done, Christine - love that old Auto!

  10. Oh no another one where every single shot is marvelous!! I love them all. You did an awesome job. But if forced to pick a favorite I would choose that gorgeous old car!!

  11. I love the 'park' photo! The sparkly water and leaf are perfection. So glad to have discovered your blog...I look forward to reading more!

  12. Great set. My goodness that is a tiny little basket.
    The Park shot is so pretty with the sparkle in the water and I enjoyed the People watching shot as well. We aren't allowed to feed the ducks now at our local park.

  13. Christine

    Lovely photos this week, even if they were rushed. What a beautiful classic car. Looks like ACE has a fun little hobby. I would love to stroll through Botanical Gardens, especially this time of year. So much color and beauty!

    Your recycle idea is great! Last year I saved coffee grounds and egg shells to put in my container garden. It was a good theory until J's puppy smelled egg shells and started digging. I take our fruit & vegetable waste to the chickens. I might need to reconsider and start small compost pile. Thanks for the brainstorming idea.

  14. Thanks for stopping by Driller's Place and scrolling through a few posts. Yes, the girl in the track meet in our oldest grand daughter. She won that heat. In a couple of weeks she will compete in the state high school indoor meet. She's a Junior.
    Since I am a sucker for antique and classic cars, the Auto capture really appeals to me. Very nice work.

  15. What a great series! It's a shock to my midwestern freezing eyes to see such warmth and running water--a very nice vacation for me.

  16. They are beautiful shots. I loved the mini basket and the park's photos.

  17. Your Park photo is so beautiful! I love the shimmers of light.

    After reading your post, I immediately keyed in the prompts into my phone...I always forget when I'm out. :)

  18. Your method sounds exactly like mine! Looks like you had a fun, sun-filled, week. I'm jealous! Love your People Watching photo.

  19. nice set!! i love shs and start right away each week, thinking about how i will represent the prompts bu it often changes through the week depending on what i see and photograph!! my basket/eagle nest was a huge hit and i found that on saturday and wadn't sure if i should use it!! all week i planned on photographing my bike basket!!

    yours are clever, i really enjoyed park!!!

  20. Great set! I love the auto and the sparkles in the water at the park!!

  21. Your photos looks amazing. I just adore that basket shot. But I have to say they are all fabulous.


  22. I love your selection, even if you did have to complete the hunt in a hurry. :)



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