Monday, January 21, 2013

P52 {Week 3}

Posting late... but here are a few pictures captured this week... check in with TAMAR @ RANDOM-OSITY to see other P52 participants.

  • large pic: detail of a window display at Anthropolgie (on State St in Santa Barbara) - tear drop shaped pieces of colored paper (ironed between two sheets of cellophane) were being hot-glued to cardboard. Sort of a free-form design.
  • small pics: flower (SB Botanical Garden); turtle (Alice Keck Park-Santa Barbara); leaves & blue sky (driveway); hummingbird (back patio)

I've spent a great part of today watching the Presidential Inauguration events...

My daughter, SLE & her man, MB, were seated near the front of this morning's swearing-in & had a front row seat along the parade route... again, close to the Presidential Viewing Booth.
We chatted briefly, two times today... and, it was fun to hear the excitement in her voice as they waited to witness these events. Tomorrow, they have tickets (invitation only) to attend the Presidential Inaugural Prayer Service at the National Cathedral... 

What an incredible experience! I'm thinking, they'll never want to move back to California.


  1. Love me the displays at Anthropologie!! Great shots this week and thanks for linking up!!

  2. Very interesting large photo of that display. Love the turtle too--I'm kind of a sucker for them.



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