Saturday, January 19, 2013


the view of Santa Barbara coastline & the Channel Islands
was actually S.O.  M.U.C.H.  P.R.E.T.T.I.E.R
than this picture
(practicing my camera settings - not quite there, yet!)  

JPE took me for a drive to Santa Barbara
for a much needed break from work!

 the coastline pic was taken from a trail

the sun was warm...
(SORRY! my East Coast friends)   

the streams were gurgling...

 the discoveries were meditative...

and interesting to photograph!

we drove back downtown Santa Barbara
to have lunch & more walking...

... and saw intricate carvings in the architecture...

...a cool-looking car... Indian...
(outside a cigar shop---urggh, not good!)

... & some pretty things to buy!

we also stopped by the park near JPE's former SB house... 
 for more fresh air & some turtle-sightings!

KECK PARK "friends" enjoying the sun too!

& ate lunch at 
CRUSHCAKES on Anacapa St in Santa Barbara

 the owner was on the Food Network - Cup Cake Wars!!
we didn't have room for a cupcake, but
the sandwiches were out-ta-this-world! 
Thanks... JPE, what a wonderful day! 
1 - 4 - 3!! 

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