Tuesday, October 9, 2012


taken 10.5.12

Don't you love the bit of sunlight on the branches of the tree (left-hand side of this photo)?

This tree is located in our "back-back yard" (or for those of you who've been to our condo - the property located beyond the white fence)! 

We are fortunate that our condo backs up to a "rather open" greenbelt of land owned by the City of Arroyo Grande. I've always called it the "back-back yardbecause we think of it as an extension of our condo patio (although the property doesn't belong to our condo association).

JPE has a rose garden located in the "back-back yard" along with his compost pile & our raspberry bushes (that are totally out-of-control - spreading themselves past the imaginary line we've thought of as their growing area).

All the references to our "back-back yard" may seem meaningless, but the oak trees that grow there are beginning to really annoy me. See the fluttering moth near the upper-hand right corner of this pic? 

Now check out this picture...

Sorry for the blurry print (hey! capturing two moving objects is almost impossible). Our HUMMER-BULLY  is chasing a moth away from the trees... the hummingbirds are annoyed by our current SCIENCE EXPERIMENT also. 

The SCIENCE EXPERIMENT is creating havoc on our weekend ritual of afternoon "tea & scones" --- On Saturday, John bravely sat on the patio Saturday afternoon with a spray bottle of Windex --- and sprayed any visitor that fell on his lap, computer or on his head.

Here's a close-up of one of our annoying visitors! BTW, I had to contort my body to be able to take this photo! We have these visitors crawling up our stucco walls... looking for a safe place to retreat...

This visitor's getting settled next to someone who's been a resident on the stucco walls, for a few days!

Up close & personal! Their colors are actually quite attractive, huh? BUT, we're talking about visitors everywhere... on the walls, the fence, the patio, hanging from the plants... we can't escape these visitors... it's become quite annoying! 

I believe this visitor will be sprouting his wings & leaving his safe nesting spot soon! then he'll flit off into the pretty blue sky & he'll have to dodge the HUMMER-BULLY...

Well - word on the street is that our oak trees are diseased, which leads me to believe the visitors are playing a huge role in spreading this SCIENCE EXPERIMENT throughout our oak tree forest. Sad, huh? 

Don't know how long we have to put up with the SCIENCE EXPERIMENT, but I can't wait to have my morning coffee or afternoon tea withOUT having a WORMY creature drop down on my head... fall into my warm "cuppa" (tea or coffee)... it's pretty messy having to flick a WORM off your jeans or bare arm... urghh... not just messy, but N-A-S-T-Y!

Just saying - I'd really like my patio back - so, MR HUMMER-BULLY --- please get aggressive & take care of this SCIENCE EXPERIMENT

Clarifying fact... we have a hummingbird who's quite the bully... he believes both hummingbird feeders are HIS... and chases other hummers away. He's even chased some bees away from the feeders!

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  1. Amazing photo you've captured of those two creatures in flight. Nice Work! As for the patio visitors. Eeew! Just Eeew!
    Sharon in Nor Cal



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