Monday, October 15, 2012


pic taken this afternoon 10.15.12
Mid-day today, I had an appointment to get my eyes examined. I still prefer to wear contact lens rather than glasses... Guess I don't like having something obstruct my peripheral vision (actually, I've always felt my lens were too thick)!

But, this year, I decided to get a new pair of glasses (which I wear in the evenings & weekends)... do you know how much it costs to look stylish?? Even with insurance, the frames & lens still cost around 4 bills (add 00's to that number). And they weren't even the most expensive frame. 

Following my appointment, I headed home to close my eyes & allow the pupils to shrink back to normal (which took 4 hours). Sitting in the darkened living room, I sipped a cup of tea & remembered a book I had browsed through over the weekend, Permission to Nap, by Jill Murphy Long. There's a section that talks about color & your mood. To pass the time, I played around with some scrapbook paper & my tea cup... 

popular shade of green for decorating
I read GREEN is considered the most restful color for the human eye. It is thought to possess healing power, can soothe pain; and if you think about it, your doctors office is probably painted some shade of GREEN. This color is also seen as a sign of renewal and Egyptians equated GREEN with hope.

leaf in the driveway

RED is associated with fire and warmth. And, is the color of leadership. Never heard that before, have you?
The author doesn't recommend using RED as wall color - it excites the nervous system and makes the heart race. Which leads me to believe that people who have a hard time falling asleep should NOT have RED in their bedrooms... unless it's used as a secondary color (pillows, vases, picture frame).

It was sort-of fun wondering how people choose colors for their clothes, homes, and even cars. So, which color is your favorite? GREEN? or RED? 
"The Show-Off" - Big Bear Lake
BYW, my new glass frames will be another color found in nature.... BLUE-ish. BLUE is considered the color of relaxation... cool, calming & soothing. Do you think I'll be able to stay awake when I wear my glasses?

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