Sunday, October 28, 2012


Bull's Tavern - SLO - 10.27.12
The one constant in my week (well, besides going to WORK) is participating in SCAVENGER HUNT SUNDAY (hosted by Ashley).
In looking at last week's post, it seems like those pictures were taken at least a month ago... instead of just 7-8 days. And... we're getting ready to start a new  month... Time flies!

Without further unnecessary chatting, here are the words for this week's SCAVENGER HUNT SUNDAY: PATTERN(S), MACHINE, SIGNS or LOGOS, ROCKS or STONES & SPARKLE.

Don't you love the PATTERN a lawn mower makes in a yard? Of course, this lawn is perfection - it's the lawn at SYCAMORE MINERAL SPRINGS, Avila Beach. Gardners probably hand manicure it!?? The sidewalk is located outside HANDS GALLERY in SLO. It's a artsy gallery of "handmade" treasures (both local & from outside our area). The color of the tiles are certain to grab your attention... enticing you to enter & look around.

On our walk with Marcus, we saw this adorable little one person MACHINE at Sycamore Mineral Springs. Loved the deep navy blue color & the red leather satchel buckled behind the driver's seat. 

San Luis Obispo County has quite a diverse population of residents. You're probably wondering what that has to DO with this SIGN? Throughout the county are agricultural lands... strawberries, bok choy, broccoli, peas, grapes (wineries), and many of the ranches have men & women who still ride horses to monitor the farmlands. If you ask locals, they'll say BULL'S TAVERN is a cowboy bar... it also has the distinction of being the "oldest" bar in San Luis Obispo. I've lived in SLO for 40 years, I've never been inside BULL'S... but I do appreciate their interesting neon SIGN.

Several weeks ago, JPE & I rented a hot tub at Sycamore Mineral Springs... this past week, our house guest rented a tub... as you enter the path to the massage area & hot tubs, this concrete bird bath holds a series of stacked STONES. Have you ever taken some time to make a pile of stacked stones? There's something peaceful about finding the smoothest, roundest, flattest STONES for stacking. Ahhh... relaxing.

Bet you can't guess what this is??? It's actually a lamp with a shade made from an old juice cans... it has plenty of old-world charm & bling. Unfortunately, I took this picture through a store window & the lamp was turned off... use your imagination & I'm certain you'll be able to see the SPARKLE

Next week's words are: WILD, WELCOME, ADVENTURE, VIBRANT & CLASSIC. Dare you to participate!!


  1. Wonderful!
    I especially like Machine!
    Have a great day!
    Lea's Menagerie

  2. Christine, I always enjoy how you interpret the prompts and the photos you share. Love those tranquil stacked stones. (Why do motorcycles always seem so shiny and clean?)

  3. Ooh, interesting photos! I love the machine, the stacked stones, and that wild lamp!

  4. visiting late... the bull sign is fabulous! lovely stone pic too! ;)



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