Tuesday, July 24, 2012


Machu Picchu - 7.22.12 (afternoon)
The last few days were packed with adventures, food, dusty trails, & incredible beauty. 

Sunday (7.22.12), we visited with a local artist, Pablo Seminaro, at his Urubamba home & workshop. This adventure was not part of the OAT tour, but we were invited because Pepe (our tour guide) has been a close friend & neighbor, before he became a famous artist. Pablo's art was incredible!

Artistry of Pablo Seminario
After leaving Pablo's gallery (& purchasing some of his delightful artwork), we boarded a train for Agua Calientes... (the city at the base of the mountain road to Machu Picchu). 

Sunday afternoon, we spent over three hours learning about the mysteries of Machu Picchu - "The Lost City"... Pepe's knowledge of the Incan culture is amazing!! he's promised to provide a list of books for us to continue learning about his country.

Monday, JPE joined some members of our tour group for another visit to Machu Picchu, (leaving the hotel at 5:30am), so they would also watch the sun rise over the ruins.

Following a 90 minute train ride from Agua Calientes to Ollantaytambo & a two hour bus ride... we arrived in Cusco, just in time for our 7pm dinner. 

I've fallen in LOVE with Cusco... it's amazing to view another part of Peru. We started our day with a walking tour of the last city of our OAT tour...

Iglesia de la Compania - Cusco
Tomorrow (Weds), we're headed to Chinchero (at 12,500 feet) to visit a weaving cooperative, the local school & have lunch with some people in this community.

In addition to history, culture, politics & architecture, we've been exposed to some unusual foods... Several days ago, we dined with a family in Ollantaytambo & tasted... "CUY" a tradition food of the Peruvian Highlands...

CUY - a delicacy in Ollantaytambo
YES!! we both ate "CUY" (guinea pig)... it was actually quite tasty! (dark meat, similar to turkey). AND, we also tasted alpaca, at lunch today!

Our adventures continue for two more days in Cusco... I hope you'll check back again!


  1. beautiful picture of both of you with the background. glad your having fun but no way would i eat guinea pig. haha

  2. wow, it sounds amazing! I expected the photo of you to look sweaty and dirty based on your previous email. But you look great...rested and clean : ) Love the artwork. Can't wait to hear more about it. we miss you!!

  3. Fantastic! Adorable photo...don't know about eating guinea pigs, I think I would have had to pass on that ~ you are such good travelers.

  4. I'm so glad you guys are having a great time, but that last picture proved your are far more adventurous tahn I am!



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