Thursday, July 12, 2012


Church of Milagros - Lima, Peru
TUES July 10th - We arrived in Lima, Peru, Tues 4:30am. Our room wasn't ready until 9:30am.... we immediately laid down from a full day of airports & plane travel. After a three hour nap, showers & coffee, we headed out to orient ourselves to Mira Flores area (the wealthier people live in this area). We visited the Milagros Church located just off the main square - Kennedy Park (named for President Kennedy)... beautiful... the cultural market area... a Starbuck's (had to buy a tea to be able to use the bathroom - yes, there was a "bouncer" at the door!!)... the rest of the day was a blur...

Weds July 11th - After a wonderful night of sleep (12 hours) we headed for the Mira Flores Cliffs. Our first stop was the Amor Park, noted for the exquisite tilework & the place to take your sweetheart to propose marriage (or just kiss... lots of that going on wherever we look). We also wandered the streets, looking at the modern & historic architecture... visited a couple of museums... paid Starbucks another visit (clean toilets)... visited the Huaca Pukllana (spelling?) Ruins... our walking loop was approximately 6-7 miles (wish we had thought to bring a pedometer). Our feet & shoes are holding up nicely.

PARQUE del AMOR, Miraflores, LIMA, PERU
NOTICE: my hair will not turn under, only UP! 
JPE said it is because we are south of the equator!!

Thurs July 12th - Met our tour group for lunch. Actually, we never got a message to met our tour guide, so we hooked up with another group until we met "Frankie"... We learned that our tour leader is different for each section of this tour, so five of us will board a plane to Iquitos tomorrow & will be met by a guide (whose name is still a mystery to us).

We've learned this tour will not allow us to post daily, NOR is the internet connection strong enough for uploading photos easily!! so, please bear with me while I snap photos & devote some time to posting pictures when the internet is stronger. I do have scrapbooking materials to document our adventures!

Fri July 13th - We leave for the Amazon Rainforest early tomorrow... we won't have electricity in the Amazon Rainforest in our rooms... we're taking our flashlights! ADIOS, for now!


  1. So exciting! I know that you are going to have a wonderful time...the Rain Forest, that will be so marvelous. Love it when you travel and take us with you.

  2. How are you two holding up? I look forward to hearing about the Rain Forest, I'm imagining pictures of huge bugs.

    I love you both! Brian and I will be off to go camping in Big Sur on Wednesday, I'll make sure to take lots of pictures of Lola in the creek for you.




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