Sunday, March 4, 2012


all pics taken 3.4.12

TODAY'S the DAY...

:: That JPE comes home from Cincinnati, OH (his "home turf"... he's made three trips since Thanksgiving. AND, thanks for your concern... this trip was not an emergency related to his dad's health)...

:: To enjoy the last week of darkness before DAYLIGHT SAVINGS time kicks in next Sunday...

:: To tidy your gardens in preparation for SPRING, which begins March 20th...

:: To participate in SCAVENGER HUNT SUNDAY with Ashley @ RAMBLING & PHOTOS. YEAH!!

No time to plan my photo shoots this week... this was a quick, down & dirty, short-time project (35 minutes)...

I won't say I love what I'm posting, but it was FUN ~ once I set the timer)... Enjoy these words: 

During the week, I rarely deviate from my ROUTINEMy work bag, purse, shoes & lunch-bag leave with me every morning & arrive home with me every night (ready to be packed again)! Everyone at work takes a lunch because we'd have to drive 15 minutes to buy lunch, coffee or a snack. No corner coffee shop for us! ummm! that's great on the $$$ but can be boring.
Lucky for me, I often have meetings in the afternoon (off-site) which give me some flexibility in my ROUTINE

JPE has played MUSIC since he was a youngster! stand-up bass, guitar, and drums... In his work with high school students, he often starts a drum circle as a way to release some of their energy! JPE's a runner! he doesn't play his drum (or guitar) at home, but he often grabs his drum before heading to Men's Group... 

I consider myself pretty tech-savvy - but looking at the dining room table this morning, you might question that statement!
I LOVE my TECHNOLOGY (I-Phone, MacBook, I-Pod Touch) but I also LOVE my work calendar (with color coded meetings), my planner with tabs for the months, and my checkbook. 
I pay the majority of my bills online - but some items just need to be paid by check. AND, you probably remember my fond-ness for PAPER & PENS... 


Well... the truth is... I DON'T have a STYLE! I'm one of those gals that is still trying to figure out how to dress stylish, but comfortably.
I dislike clothes shopping - seems like such a waste of time! My body is just not made for the style of clothes I see in magazines, online or in the stores. I'm certain there are quite a few of us non-fashionistas... but they don't seem to be designing clothes that are favorable to my budget, figure flaws & comfort...
SO - I'm SHOWING YOU MY PREFERRED STYLE... which is jeans, tshirts (sorry, I had to pull this out of the laundry basket), casual shoes, low-cut socks & a scarf to add color. Retirement clothes?? currently, weekend clothes!! ahhh! comfort clothes!

When I got home from work on Friday, I noticed I'd worn two MISMATCHED earrings! Honest mistake - easy to make! one is pearlized & the other has a flat finish. Both earrings change, depending on what color (purple, teal blue, gray) top I'm wearing! I don't buy expensive earrings... when I lose one, I just buy new ones. Perhaps if I got a nice little jewelry box, I'd lose fewer earrings? NOPE! I prefer to toss my earrings in that adorable red dish. AND, no, I don't store my earrings in a lemon! just a prop for photographing purposes. 

So - here's my contribution for SCAVENGER HUNT SUNDAY... 


Bet you can't wait to see what I post for CHOCOLATE....


  1. I do like your preferred style, very like my own.

  2. The style is great! Love the scarf!

  3. oh, that's too funny about the mismatched earrings at work. sounds like something i would do.... right up there with forgetting to take a tag off a new shirt and wearing it to work that way. =)

    great interpretations. cute cute cute scarf!

  4. Your preferred style is mine, too. I'll bet you look great in it! I like your technology photo a lot - it's a nice composition. The red mouse and blue phone are fun touches.

  5. Nice job with your interpretations...and I would totally do the same thing with my earrings too.

  6. I'm still trying to define my clothing style as well. I don't know that I've ever going to get there either. Like you, though, I need comfortable clothes. The older you get, the less willing you are to compromise comfort for looks.

  7. Love set and fun commentary! I totally understand the mismatch, I did something a whole lot worse that that. I wore a mismatched pair of shoes to work. Exact same style, just one was navy and one was black!! I love your style too, beautiful scarf!!

  8. Love the routine photo. Yes I can relate to the "Show me your style" photo.


  9. Great set, love your scarf in "style"!

  10. I am with you on "style". I don't really feel like I have one either, which is probably why I just took a picture of my scarf.

    Your mismatch shot makes me laugh. This is probably why I wear the same pair of earrings nearly every day. They are a little diamond stud pair my hubby gave me one anniversary and I love them!

  11. I love tech stuff, but paper and pen is great and will always be! :-)

    Yes, I bought them from Williams-Sonoma, at a good price too! :-)

  12. I haven't seen you around for awhile. Hope things are going well.



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