Tuesday, March 6, 2012


Sacramento ~ 2.6.12

At the beginning of February, I spent four days in Sacramento - reading grants. After dropping my bags off in my "botel" (hotel room on a boat, the DELTA KING RIVER BOAT) room, I grabbed my camera & took a walk before the sun began to set.

I haven't quite figured out why I keep returning to this picture, but something about the LIGHT grabs my attention. 

This was taken in OLD TOWN SACRAMENTO... the historic area along the Sacramento River. This area of historic buildings was established in 1849, and now includes the California State Railroad Museum, small shops & places to eat. But, the best part is the photo opportunities.

Although this photo is blurry, I liked the orange-red glow of the street lamps contrasted against the gray-blue color of the second & third floor of this beautifully restored building.

A rain storm had blown through the area about 20 minutes earlier... gray rain clouds had cleared, leaving a brillant reddish sun falling on the horizon. It appears as if the building had been lit by an artificial light, but this is an unedited photo (other than a small amount of cropping on the right side of the photo).

Here are a couple of ideas as to why this photo captures my heart...

the precise placement of the windows ~ orderly designs are pleasing to look at

the idea that this building has been restored (instead of demolished) ~ there's  a lot of character in older architecture

the chimneys that dot the upper roof line ~ knowing the heat from the fireplace would have taken the chill off the occupants of the room (this building is located one block from the wharf, so it can get damp & chilly here)

the ornate window treatments ~ craftsmanship at its finest

the location of this building ~ this was the activity hub of Sacramento for prospectors coming to trade their gold

the contrast of the orange-red light (at street level) to the gray-blue light bouncing off the upper two levels of the building ~ this is actually the reason I chose this picture

I'm still fiddling with my manual settings... now, I realize this photo would have had a clearer image had I used a tripod. But, I was just snapping & shooting pictures as I walked. No time for using a tripod...

BUT, this shot of the same building was taken about 10 minutes earlier from the right hand side of the building. Of course, I loved this photo for a different reason!!! (orderly looking windows)

Today's post is part of Kat Sloma's Photo-Heart Connection. You can read about it HERE

Visit her website, KAT EYE STUDIO for information about her courses and sign-up for her newsletter.

Before our summer trip to PERU, I'm revisiting her photos on FLICKR to pick up some tips for taking travel photos.

Her blog has a wealth of tips... 


  1. Proof that the photo that connects with our heart isn't necessarily the photo that is the most technically perfect - that there are other reasons why we engage with a particular photo. Lovely complementary color scheme.

  2. Gorgeous photo. I love the colours and can see exactly why this drew you in - it does me too. I'm the same with the tripod - I know I should pull it out and set it up but I almost always snap and move on! Love the second photo too - the colours and architectural details are beautiful.

  3. I agree with the previous comments - the technically best photos aren't always ones that bring emotions... but bring back the memories. Sounds like an interesting "botel."

  4. Oh, I've been there -- a handsome area. Yes, the colors, the orderliness, the contrasts -- all hold meaning for heart and soul!

  5. I really like that second image as it shows the blue colors so well. The style of the building and the windows are just beautiful.

  6. I can see why you chose this image; the colors are striking!! I love the closer view of the windows in the last one!

  7. What a wonderful building! I love how you pointed out all of the architectural details that show the character of the building. Like you, I'm glad it wasn't demolished. Thanks so much for sharing in the Photo-Heart Connection! (Oh, and it sounds like A Sense of Place will be PERFECT for you!)



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