Sunday, March 6, 2011


"back patio" visitor ~ 3.6.11

Patience is the ability to idle your motor 

when you feel like stripping your gears.”

~ Barbara Johnson, American author 


:: don't you LOVE this quote?? :: 


D-I-S-C-O-M-F-O-R-T was the WEEKWORD

chosen by Sally at SOW & SEW!!


the mishap with my FOOT immediately came to mind... but, I've gotten over the "guilt" of not being able to operate in the "fast-lane" (professionally & in my personal life). I've had some time (a lot of time, actually) to reflect...


sign in the Business Conference Room

here are some 



I'm a person who loves showering!! I've always felt baths take TOO much time. Now, I look forward to bathing ~ a leisurely bubble bath soothes my weary body after a day on crutches.


I've devoted more time to reading! our libraries are busy, busy places these days (due to the economy)... we don't watch TV, so having a stack of books & a cup of tea is such a pleasurable way to spend the afternoon / evening.


I can't wait to get back to walking! I promise not to complain or say "I'll walk later" when JPE suggests I accompany him as he heads out for his daily run! 

I won't procrastinate about SPRING cleaning! I look forward to having the ability put items away, tidy closets & drawers, and de-clutter without having to balance on one foot. It's pretty "comical" getting stuff (laundry, craft stuff, books, clothes etc) up & down the stairs in plastic bags (when JPE is not home).


I'm looking forward to carrying a purse! It's hard to feel "professional" when you wear a backpack filled with your wallet, car keys, planner, sweater, scarf, lunch, water bottle etc. It's equally hard looking professional on crutches!!

I've "prided" myself on my organizational skills! One day, as I was backing out of the driveway, I realized I left an important file upstairs! I almost burst out in tears thinking I would have to get out of the car, drag myself up the staircase & back down in order to get the file for work. I decided to work on another project that day...


Most importantly, I've learned to be in the moment!! crutches require concentration. I've had some "close mishaps" when I wasn't paying attention to the "rhythm" of moving my body, while negotiating doors, and looking for potential challenges in the path ahead (rubber crutch tips + rugs/carpet = slow down!! thoughts).


I owe a lot to my friends for their assistance!!

Oh - I can't wait to be able to carry my own cup of tea, water, etc to the table (or my work space)....

D-I-S-C-O-M-F-O-R-T may have been the WEEKWORD - but I've learned PATIENCE as the result of my DISCOMFORT! the list of WEEKWORD participants can be found HERE!


  1. Hey...I want that sign.(-:

    This is really a great post and very meanful. It is amazing how many so called ordinary things in life we don't apreciate until we have to do without them for a while. I am so sorry that this has been such a trial for you and I hope that the cruches will soon be a thing of the past. I remember my foot surgery and how difficult that was and I certainly can empathize with you. And...please be more broken bones please.

  2. Ohh your little hummingbird friend is adorable-especially the connection between him in flight for the beginning of the post (along with that hilarious quote!!), and a momentary stationary position for your ending on patience-perfect little metaphor! I imagine you traipsing about the house with plastic bags trying to reach for that stack of sheets in the linen closet that's just a little bit too high, or trying to fold yourself gracefully (don't crutches just suck??) into an overstuffed armchair for a good read. Your discomfort leading to patience is a great lesson to carry with you, thanks for sharing!

  3. I am so sorry to hear that you are still on those dang crutches! It must seem like forever...if I were you, I would still be whining and complaining! I really admire your patience and bravery!!

  4. Ugh. I can only imagine how frustrating crutches must be. I have no patience and would be thoroughly annoyed.
    I am happy you found the joy of bathing. I love to soak in my tub with some good salts or bubbles and read.

  5. It is amazing how we take such simple things and pleasures for granted. Great post, thank you for sharing.

  6. Chris, what a wonderful post, I've enjoyed it so much. I'm sorry that you're still on those darn crutches, but I admire what you take from it. And one day - hopefully soon - those crutches will belong to your past.

  7. I'm glad the whining penalty isn't steeper! I would have broken down completely in your forgotten file scenario. Good for you to carry on.

    Will you get to give up the crutches soon and just be booted? Still life in the slow lane, but you'd be able to carry a purse or your own tea cup. ;-)


  8. patience is a hard thing to learn (especially when you're in so much discomfort!). it sounds like you're finding the simple pleasures of life just when you need them most! i hope you won't need your crutches too much longer......after all this, you deserve a designer purse to carry around!! have a great weekend! :))

  9. Lovely post - I'm just catching up with your blog. Thanks for sharing - and I love the picture of the hummingbird!



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