Tuesday, March 29, 2011


view from kitchen - 3.19.11

"The foolish man seeks happiness in the distance, 
the wise grows it under his feet."
~ James Oppenheim, American poet, novelist & editor

do you live in the moment? are you a planner
I'm asking for several reasons...

we're trying to make some plans 
for our SUMMER break!!

our activities will be arranged around 
some work-related conferences...
family visits...
a camping trip...

I confess...
I've always been a planner!

there's something about just "winging it" 
this summer! 
You know!
just do what "sparks our fancy!!"

JPE & I will be spending nine days in 
Washington DC
for our spring break!
When we booked our tickets,
I didn't believe I would
still be on crutches!

So - I'm trying to decide how to
approach planning for our summer??
I don't want to be "foolish" by 
visualizing the "perfect break" from work...
perhaps we should enjoy & 
explore the ground beneath our feet?

what are your thoughts about 
planning for the future?


  1. We almost never plan our vacation. We have a rough idea where we want to go, then pack up the camping gear, get in the car and drive into that direction. We have to plan so much around and in the school year that this is wonderful planfree! However, if we go to Germany we usually have to plan all our visits and that pretty much kills it before we even sit in the plane.
    Have fun in DC - even on crutches! It's a great place. When is your spring break? We just had ours - 45 days (or so) til summer break...

  2. Hi,

    Happy that you are back!

    My summer adventure will be in France with Zoe in June, but I think that you already know that. It is going to be hard for you to best last years wonderful trip to London. Because of all your great posts we all felt that we were right there with you.

    Will you be off crutches soon? Hope so, it seems like a very long time.

  3. I'm a planner. My husband just comes along for the ride. That said I do all my research and have a rough idea what my schedule is but we usually start the day that way and kind of let it go from there. I feel like I can be more spontaneous by being prepared. Crazy but if I know all my options when the time comes I can just make decisions and go. And I always schedule 'free time' meaning the day I let my husband think he is in charge and think I haven't micromanaged us. :-)

    I haven't been to DC in awhile. We have been wanting to head that way and spend a week in museums. We're nerds.

  4. I am a planner. I even plan what I'm doing everyday in a notebook! I think it comes from all those years of teaching and having a lesson plan book! :)

    By the way, LOVE the new header!

  5. Hi Christine! I like to do a little of both, but I'm really more comfortable winging it. I'm so glad you stopped by my place for a visit. I love your blog, especially your lens-eye view! ;)

  6. Google Anthony Pitch.
    He's an author with amazing encyclopedic
    knowledge (as well as books) of Abraham Lincoln.
    He does tours of DC and since you will be on
    crutches, let him do the driving!



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