Saturday, February 6, 2010



Wonder how this is pronounced? 

My IKEA moniker is a CHAIR! 
UMMM... Does IKEA know I collect minature chairs??

Insert your name... 
What's your IKEA name? 
What piece of furniture are you?

My favorite chair quote:
"A house that does not have 
one warm, comfy chair in it is soul-less."

~ May Sarton, American poet, novelist

I've spent my morning in a "comfy chair" 
reading & sipping endless cups of coffee!
Gotta get up & moving now! 

Please post your IKEA furniture name 
in the comments space! 


  1. I'm a desk . . . guess they knew I work a lot. ~ STJEFFÅNNY (Stephanie)

  2. I am a desk or perhaps a side table, anyway something flat with a drawer. My name is Addrain.

    I am loving your blog. The picture of the leaves...beautiful.

  3. My IKEA name is SVANDORD and I am a bed. I could make a lot of jokes and associations about that one. I think the bottom line though is that it is telling me I do my best work while lying down.

  4. Hi Christine
    Well I am SVYLI and I am a bed..
    No surprises there!!! Sleep is my favourite thing!!!

    Oh and I did a Silver Sunday post a few weeks back all centred around miniature silver chairs!!! I have a few!!...

    Sorry they text is hard to read... may change it going forward but find that the lighter text on the dark background is too glary for me.. will find the happy medium one day...

    Thanks for popping over.. Julie aka SVYLA

  5. Hi Chris,
    My Ikea name is Ellenby.
    Fun to read your blog.

    See you next week at Andie's!
    Happy Valentine!



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