Friday, February 26, 2010


Ha! Ha!
I bet you thought I was talking about WEIGHT...
I don't own a bathroom scale...
I know I should....
When my pants are getting tight - I know
I've been hitting the snacks too frequently.

Long day - got to work at 8:06am.
Worked late (5:35pm)...
JPE & I drove to work together,
so he had to wait for me!!
He's such a patient guy!

We hang the toilet paper
"over the top"
(middle picture)

How about you?

comic - Toothpaste for Dinner


  1. I prefer over the top......makes the most sense......every other member of this family goes with the on top of the tank, on the floor, on top of the empty roll that I put get the idea.

  2. isn't it funny that we spent time on "trivial stuff"??? I remember when JPE & I got married I told him I needed the TP to go over the top... he looked at me so weird.



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