Sunday, February 14, 2010


(pic taken 2/14/10 @ Dinah's Motor Inn-Palo Alto) 


I've been throughly "pampered" today!
JPE drove us home from his weekend seminar this morning! 
the lovely, warm sun was coming in the car window... 
it was an invitation to doze ~ I DID!

After unpacking the suitcases, 
we settled into the Adirondack chairs
(on the back patio) for a cup of coffee...
I could sense JPE wanted me to 
open my "V-Day present"
... I can't believe it! 
he bought me
a new Canon Rebel
(sounds like the name of a BB gun,
but ~ it's a CAMERA).
I'm so excited!

To cap off this "fabulous day"
JPE cooked an incredibly-tasty
"pasta dinner" 
(w/yummy spicy apple sausage)
& vegies (carrots & broccoli)

I'm very LUCKY-in-LOVE !

How did you spend V-Day ?? 

1 comment:

  1. Alright! That is awesome. Now you have the same camera as Mandy and I. We will have to take a class together. Woohoo!
    That was so sweet of him. Were you hinting you wanted one?



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