Sunday, February 28, 2010



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NO Picture to post! 

Besides reading my favorite blogs...
I'm drawing!

I'm unable to attach a link 
to my favorite U-Tube Zentangle.
So go to U-Tube & type: 
"How to draw a Mandala Zentangle style"

I'm in a Crowne Plaza Hotel lobby 
waiting for SLE to appear in the lobby!
This is the last "hour" of her 6-day Calif Bar Exam...

I'm helping her move some computer equipment, her suitcase, toaster, tea maker, some food items & several lamps (special lamps for her light-sensitive eyes) back to her apartment about 25 minutes from here.

She was in "good spirits" this morning, although exhausted!!

I'm anxious to give her a HUG!
(haven't seen her since
December 13th 
when she began studying)...


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