Sunday, February 24, 2013


Lola's "DREAMY" eyes
This week's SCAVENGER HUNT SUNDAY words appeared to be meant for bloggers with children, but the more I thought about it, the more I was able to put "my 60+ year perspective" on these phrases...

I'll be spending some time checking in with the participants found at ASHLEY'S before the Academy Awards starts...
what a relaxing way to spend a Sunday!
Our "bluebird" is back!
He {I'm sure it's a HE} was pecking at the edge of the fence, sharpening his beak & then flying near the sliding glass window to get our attention. Of course, my nature "guy" had to connect with our "visitor from nature" & offer him a snack. Then, off he {the bluebird, not JPE} flew --- taking his walnut with him. Definitely TIME TO EAT for him.

My patience paid off --- after GETTING READY to capture a water drop, I was lucky enough to catch the action.

One of my favorite statues at the Huntington Library in Pasadena {had to pull this picture from my photo archive}. I think it represents PLAYTIME .

Another archived photo {sorry about that}... We babysat Lola this past summer... took her to the cabin... all that fresh mountain air! She certainly looks ready for some SWEET DREAMS.

There's something "very meditative" about washing dishes by hand... think it's the bubbles? warm water? the light reflecting off bubbles? rubbing the sponge over the dishes? ah! for me, it's about the water dancing over my fingertips. SCRUB-A-DUB!

Off to watch the Academy Awards... My vote for BEST PICTURE? BEST ACTRESS? oh, you'll have to wait until tomorrow... to see my prediction.


  1. There is no love like Boston Love!

    Hope you enjoyed the Academy Awards tonight. I, too, think it’s relaxing to look at the Scavenger Hunt finds and blogs in general.

  2. Great set, Christine. I love your grownup interpretations. Playtime might be my favorite - it's a perfect illustration of the concept.

  3. Lola loved going to the cabin with you. I know because she kept trying to go into your room instead of mine last time we were there.

  4. I missed you last week, but I came back to comment anyway. I love your scrub a dub photo, and how cool is it that you have a friendly blue jay? My boys would love that!



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