Monday, February 25, 2013

P52 {WEEK 8}

Although blurry, I love the background colors of this picture. I spent some time on the patio, crouched below the hummingbird feeder, waiting for the "bully" to sit on his perch. I say "bully" because he keeps all the hummingbirds away, even though there is plenty for everyone.

We had a tad of rain, followed by clear blue skies... the tree outside our bedroom window has a FEW leaves left... but, did you notice the buds are growing and will be ready to split open soon... Like during the next warm spell.

Put away the Valentine decorations... do you decorate for the holidays?

Made tuna salad for lunches this week! I really don't think it will last more than a few lunches. Favorite way to eat it --- with Trader Joe's pita crackers! {no, I didn't get paid to say that; nor did I get a free box as compensation}... although, one of my girlfriends does work there... 
Once again... thank you TAMAR for hosting P52... check her blog to see who else participated. 

As for the Academy Awards: Jennifer Lawrence was my pick for BEST ACTRESS! with nine contenders, it was a difficult selection to pick BEST PICTURE... but, Argo was a fabulous picture.

Which movies did you see this past year?


  1. The hummingbird is amazing!! I was so happy with Jennifer Lawrence winning and Anne Hathaway and Argo!

  2. I love your hummer capture! I can't seem to ever capture ours.

  3. Hummingbirds they are such great creatures!! Okay, I haven't seen a real serious movie lately, but did go to "Safe Haven" and loved it.

  4. Wow! Cool hummingbird shot. Too bad he's a bully driving others away. Can't wait to start seeing the hummingbirds in my backyard again. Love the lighting on that last shot--such a yummy lunch!

  5. I saw more than usual of the Academy Award nominees this year - Argo, Les Mis, Life of Pi, Lincoln, The Hobbit. Makes me feel very au currant. :-) I was pleased that Ang Lee won best director. I love the book and thought he did a brilliant job of bringing it to the screen.

    Love your hummingbird photo. They are very territorial. I'm always rather amused at the "multiplex" feeders, because they are seldom willing to share.

  6. Really nice pics, love the birdie! :-)

  7. Love the last leaves! What a nice picture. The composition and colors are great!



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