Sunday, February 17, 2013


my favorite time of the year!!

i LOVE the 
cheerful colors  ::  curvy shapes  ::  sweet smells

hence, my SHS focused on my "near" misses!

check in with Ashley to see the adorable pictures captured by everyone participating in SCAVENGER HUNT SUNDAY. 
 this week's words are: 

CANDY Hearts or Cinnamon Red Hots
are a staple in my baking section!
Didn't have time to make any cookies, but I did eat a hand-ful of red hots
while setting up this photo.  

 Adorable RED & PINK measuring spoons.

I was LOVED and pampered all week long!
Mom & JPE brought me cold compresses
{actually bags of frozen peas}, applied salve to my eyes,
cooked tasty meals & entertained me
while I kept my eyes closed.

JPE, I'll shower you with my love & KISSES
whenever you wish! 

My family kept SMILES on my face!
Mom ~ thanks for calling the girls with updates
{I know how much you like to make phone calls ~ ummm, not!} 
Stephanie, Allison & Tasha ~ I appreciate your LOVE
{& wishes for speedy healing}
Stacy & Brett ~ thanks for meeting us at Snapper Jack's
 {& saving Mom a trip home on the train

this picture is a bracelet Allie made for me
{don't you love the heart charm?}
she also made the beautiful piece of paper
underneath the bracelet!!
{sorry for the blurry pic ~ vision tends to be blurry still}

My family is amazing! & kept me in SMILES!  

Just so you know,
that wonderful surgery women consider in their 60's,
the one to make you look younger 
{ha! don't know about that}
the ole eyelid lift!!!
well, my eyelids were affecting my vision,
so, my insurance covered the cost to surgically "fix" the problem!
Gosh, the bruising has not been the worst part...
BUT... not being able to read. blog. watch HGTV.
was one problem I hadn't considered...
AND, the most annoying part is the scratchy stitches inside my eyelids & outside the lids.
Sutures are to be removed in four days ~ counting the days! 
{the recovery room nurse told me, the eye DR has excellent "running stitch" skills ~
Mom, being a quilter, had a laugh about that!}  

Planning to get back to blogging again,
so I hope you'll check back!  


  1. Those are cute measuring spoons! And I would have a hard time not eating the red hots! So glad your surgery went well. Hope you heal soon.

  2. Love cinnamon red-hots. They may not be the first thing that comes to mind at Valentine's Day, but the are certainly appropriate. Nice work.

  3. Hope you are doing good today! Yes it was nice to see you when we met to pick up mom. Love ya

  4. Those are adorable spoons. Hope you're feeling better.



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