Sunday, November 25, 2012


We're back from our visit to Washington DC. Having a couple of days to get organized & laundry done before heading back to work tomorrow is soooo helpful. 

Of course, the excitement of travel is capturing new photographic memories, seeing places different than your usual surroundings, meeting new people, but having time to visit family, is most important. Thank you Sea-Bass (Sebastian), MB & SLE for sharing your home with us.

This week's SCAVENGER HUNT SUNDAY words are: HOME or THANKFUL, IN THE KITCHEN, COUPLE, BUBBLES & TREES. You really need to stop by RAMBLING & PHOTOS to see the adorable picture Ashley posted for the word, BUBBLES. 

In addition to being THANKFUL for family, I'm THANKFUL that people who need assistance can get those services from a dog. Sebastian (alias Sea-Bass) has been MB's guidedog for a little over 5 years. He's soooo sweet... such a lover-boy (when not "working")... in addition to guiding MB, he also watches out for SLE (our daughter) & was continually peeking over his shoulder to make certain our party of four stayed together. If you want to know more about Guide Dogs of America, please CLICK HERE

JPE loves to cook, bake & having an audience makes being IN THE KITCHEN that much more enjoyable. As a result, he orchestrated the Thanksgiving dinner cooking... which included putting the turkey in early, so we could eat at 1:30. MB shared his mother's secret to a beautifully tender, roasted turkey... Baste it with tomato paste! Oh my goodness... we'll be filing this away in our cooking binder. Our bird was perfection... crispy skin, moist meat, and tasty! Yummmy.

JPE & I visited the National Washington Cathedral... here are a COUPLE more pictures of baby Jesus from the Crèche Exhibition: And Heaven and Nature Sing. The baby wrapped in burlap is from South Africa (Zulu Tribe); the small beaded nacimiento, was created by members of the Huichol Indians (Mexico) - glass beads cover the terra cotta form of this baby Jesus; & the blue & white smiling baby Jesus is from Louisville, Kentucky - creation of HADLEY POTTERY. Next time JPE & I visit his family in Kentucky, I'm adding a tour of the Hadley Pottery Factory to our trip

BUBBLES of lights... I know, sort of a stretch... ha! just ran out of time & didn't want to grab a photo from my archives when I had a cool picture from our tea date at the BUZZ BAKERY & LOUNGE (Arlington, VA).

As you may have seen, I posted pictures of the changing colors & of Arlington National Cemetery earlier this week! MB & SLE teased me about the number of TREE pictures I took during my week-long visit. Peeking at the photos, I can feel the crisp cool air, hear the crunch of leaves being walked on, and see the brilliance of the colors. 

Next week's SHS words are: MISSING, NUMBERS, PURPLE, MUSIC & BRACELET. Ohhh... I can't wait... don't forget to visit ASHLEY'S to see her post for BUBBLES. 


  1. These are beautiful!! Love the bubbles! Hope you had a lovely Thanksgiving!

  2. I've been reading back through your blog. It looks like you've have a wonderful trip! I enjoyed all your photos! Your images for SHS are wonderful! I love your bubbles shot, gorgeous!

  3. Great group of shots! Such a beautiful Sea-bass! I like your angle view of trees in the Arlington Cemetery.

  4. I love all of the nativities that you saw! They are so pretty!



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