Thursday, November 29, 2012


 Boy, do I ever have a Bah-Humbug mood!

We won't have any visitors during the month of December, so I told JPE I wanted to skip putting out decorations this year. That's just NOT like me - so, I thought if I looked around on some blogs I would get inspired to "decorate low-scale". I ran across FUNKYTIME Magazine (an online mag) & everything in this issue looks so cheery & bright.

I'm thinking about trying the Christmas Garland & Chocolate on a Stick... What will you try?

There's talk of this tradition happening soon...
...JPE'S biscotti
Perhaps the smells of baked goods, our small live wreath, some candles  & a simple garland will be a start?


  1. I am having a little trouble getting excited this year too ~ with the house next door there has been far to much to do. But, I am slowly getting the spirit. (-: I love the holiday look of your blog ~ spectacular!!

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