Friday, November 16, 2012


"IT'S A BEAUTIFUL DAY IN THE NEIGHBORHOOD" Mr Rogers would have claimed!

Our Thursday flight to Washington DC was delayed several hours
(leaving LAX, so we didn't arrive at Dulles Airport until after midnight).

Some pics from our flight from LAX to Dulles, Washington DC (yesterday)...

Chugging along the runway (LAX)
(looking at wing from my seat)
Oil tankers - Long Beach or San Pedro ??
Reaching our cruising elevation!
Above the clouds!
(thru dirty airplane windows)
Although we're on vacay - we're both working remotely!
Ah, the wonders of technology! Actually, it's quite nice working AWAY from the office...
it's easier to focus on a single task instead of managing interruptions common in a cubicle situation.

JPE has been out for a run...

SLE arrived mid-day to work from home...

MB completed closing arguments on his court case & the jury is currently deliberating.
His legal team is playing cards while they wait.

JPE & I are headed out for coffee & pastry in an hour...

Will be dining at CAVA @ Clarendon Metro stop (a few stops away from SLE & MB's condo)...
Their work days are long & they eat late... 

My closing comments... here's "a beautifully painted, historical mural of Santa Barbara's rich history"...
(taking a few pointers from my legal team)

Santa Barbara Airport - next to security check-in
UPDATE - MB's Court Case

US v. Makarita

:: Dentist, Makarita - found GUILTY on 8 of 15 counts ::

Awesome job... MB!

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  1. Beautiful from the airplane but already getting a panic feeling! Have a great time and forgot Happy Anniversay to the both of you



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