Sunday, June 3, 2012


Gosh... it's JUNE... and SUNDAY.... having a four-day work-week is nice, but it doesn't make the work go away!!!

Saturday, JPE & I tidied the patio... he sprayed the roses & I shook the dead leaves out of the patio overhang! he was stinky from the nasty chemicals & I was filthy from the dead, dusty leaves falling on my head!
But, we cleaned up nicely, packed our tuna fish sandwiches & fruit salad, & headed to the beach for a dinner picnic!

SCAVENGER HUNT SUNDAY finds were taken yesterday (picnic dinner in Shell Beach) & today when we went to our quaint little village (Arroyo Grande) for afternoon tea @ Andreini's.

Check-in with Ashley @ RAMBLING & PHOTOS for other interpretations of:

There's a new store in town ~ Le Papillon. When I explained to the owner that I was on a photo scavenger hunt, she told me to take all the pictures I needed. One of her displays met my criteria for SHINE... the yellow color was a reflection from the adorable, summery dress, hanging just below the display. 

The waves were moving FAST... with the tide coming in soon after we arrived with our picnic dinner. Pretty amazing view, huh! We decided, "everything tastes better when eaten outside"... 

This sea gull was sitting to the LEFT of the moon! It took a couple of minutes before the sea gull cooperated by turning his head so his beak was visible... a much better shot & way better than just looking at his back-end!!

Believe it or not... this was the "hardest" word to find... we found this PEACE symbol made from recycled garbage displayed in one of the stores in AG (Arroyo Grande). Lucky find!

Just a PLAIN ole weed... growing on the edge of the crumbling cliff, overlooking the ocean. I like how the setting sun tints the edge of the green leaves with its golden touch.

That's all from our home on the Central Coast of California... the words for next week's SCAVENGER HUNT SUNDAY are:

FYI: JPE asked why my photos were sort of hazy... silly me, I didn't realize that selecting a polaroid frame would render them similar to that sort of picture. And, now I've noticed the last two pics have a white background & are different from the first three. Gosh, I can only blame the "differences in the backgrounds" on the "glare" of outdoor light (I was creating my blog post in the Adirondack on the patio - lovely weekend weather!!).


  1. These are all great. I love how you presented them!

  2. Your new format looks great! I love the new header. I need to update but I have been busy with everything next door...maybe sometime soon. Enjoy your week.

  3. Very pretty set of photos this week! Well done!

  4. Lovely captures. I especially enjoyed your fast shot for me that shot could have easily represented peace as well, but then I find the seaside a source for peace even when it is crowded and the seas are rolling.
    Have a wonderful week.

  5. These are all quite beautiful. Great set!!

  6. Your processing is gorgeous - I especially love fast.



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