Tuesday, May 1, 2012


Tidal Basin, Washington DC ~ 4.5.12

Kat Sloma at KAT EYE STUDIO coordinates a monthly posting called... PHOTO-HEART CONNECTION. The guidelines for posting are found HERE!

APRIL sped by... I bounced from coast-to-coast during Spring Break! And, although schools weren't in session, my desk was piled with projects & work details to be dealt with, upon my return. 

Looking through my photos from APRIL, I kept returning to these TWO pictures... 

Not considering the sticky, humid weather of the summers in Washington DC, my image of their weather is breezy, with a slight chill to the air... well, the weather was exactly as expected --- quite love-ly with  multi-shades of rich green foliage & vibrant, rainbow-colored flowers... E.V.E.R.Y.W.H.E.R.E you looked. I think Washington DC & Arlington, VA (where SLE & MB live) must have fabulously inexpensive flowers?? or incredible sales on bedding plants.

It was the 100th Year Anniversary of the National Cherry Blossom Festival. So, of course we took a drive! I hadn't counted on the pink blossoms being so soft-to-the-touch... it was a love-ly day spent with two of my favorite people & Sea-Bass (guide dog, alias lover-boy!). Our little adventure took the edge off the anxiety of the next day's event (SLE's back surgery - she's still healing)... this picture still tugs at my heart!

Tugging at my heart, for other reasons, was this picture of Big Bear Lake... JPE picked me up at the newly-remodeled Santa Barbara Airport & we headed to the lake for an Easter celebration & some R&R!

Big Bear Lake ~ 4.10.12
Ahhh! imagine a steamy cup of coffee... a cozy Adirondack chair... & a new magazine! heaven-ly! Actually, the weather changed the next day... & we ended our week with wind, rain, snow flurries, & pelting raindrops

Early mornings are ideal for enjoying the calm-ness of the lake... the birds dipping, diving, & skimming the waters, looking for insects & tidbits of food. Such a pleasant way to start-the-day!

{and family}

So --- I'm thinking my APRIL PHOTO-HEART CONNECTION is a draw between EAST vs WEST... both tug at my heart... for very different reasons! 

Stop by KAT'S to peek at other PHOTO-HEART CONNECTIONS!

Better yet... blog & link your own photo.


  1. Having your heart linked to East AND West is a feeling I'm familiar with! I think calling it a draw was a great choice.

  2. oh ... just look at those cherry blossoms...beautiful! And the peacefullness of the lake. what a lucky traveler you are!

  3. Beautiful cherry blossoms and I adore the tranquility of that lake. Thank you for taking us with you on your April travels. :)

  4. I love them both, it's can be difficult to choose. The pink blossoms almost look like pom poms or cotton candy. - Susan

  5. I love those cherry blossom blooms and I too enjoy their softness to the touch! Big Bear Lake looks like a lovely place to just sit and enjoy the tranquility of the scenery.

  6. Beautiful cherry blossoms. I love the second one, looks so peaceful, it´s a woderful place

  7. These are both perfect for the heart connection picks. Yes, the lovely cherry blossoms and another yes to a serene seat lakefront. Both places I would happily sit awhile and ponder.

  8. I love your images! The cherry blossoms are beautiful and the lake, so relaxing!! I love your composition on both and your connection to them!

  9. Wonderful heart connections this month, Christine! I like how you put it as your "Heart Connection = Nature and Family." Both of these images bring a sense of beauty, but the flower one has more energy and the dock one says, "relaxation" to me. Thanks for sharing in the Photo-Heart Connection! I apologize for my delay in coming to visit. I hope you will join in again for May, only a week away!



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