Thursday, May 17, 2012


yesterday's surprise!
I thought about contacting my clever blogger friend, MANDY over at MANDYLAND to write this post....

But, I'm still dealing with a day-old mess & didn't get around to calling her! Besides, she's a single mom with two children (under the age of 6), who works full-time, gardens, reads, writes for other blogs & posts on FaceBook. Whew! I couldn't guilt her into helping!

Yesterday, I dumped & started a load of towels, washcloths & some ratty pj's before heading to work. Nothing unusual about that! Don't you start a load of laundry before you leave the house in the morning?

I returned home late (after 6:30pm), went to pull the wet laundry out, and YIKES!!! what a mess! it looked like a mouse had shredded paper to build a nest! upon closer examination... this wet, yucky mess had black marks... what ?@!&# (no, I didn't utter a single nasty word)...

I pulled out the wet laundry! THEN realized... I had WASHED a paper back book!!

Uh! oh! I remember NOW!!! thinking I would save myself a trip upstairs --- I had tossed the book on the pile of laundry, dumped it ALL in the washer, and walked away --- forgetting to remove the paperback from the top of the laundry pile!

Disgusting mess! have you EVER tried to peel wet paper from soggy, damp towels? leaving them outdoors for a day to dry out didn't help separate the soggy, ashen, black pulp from the towels. 

This is where I need Mandy... morale of the story? lesson learned? what catchy phrase do I use to wrap this post up??

Don't air your dirty laundry in public?


  1. Oh no, Chris!!

    I don't have a witty moral to this story, but I hope you'd finished the book. ;)

  2. ooohhhh i hope it wasn't 1001 ways to live in the moment, that just wouldn't be right!!



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