Saturday, April 21, 2012


ORIGINAL PHOTO ~ Oxford, England
Have you tried PicMonkey?
it's a new "free" photo-editing program...
Check it out HERE!

this is a rather long post! just warning yah!
I've been experimenting, today!
:: FRAMES ::

This looks sort-of "EDGY"
{no pun intended!}
Photo corners looks sorta fun?!?
{in an old-fashioned way}

pretty dark, dreary but effective!


OWWW! Ummm?? 
{not suited to this pic}

Will be trying this effect again!!
you leave most of the photo in B&W
& insert a circle of color wherever you want!

HDR --- this is pretty cool!


l.o.v.e ~ the paint splotch
{on the left hand side} 

AH-HA!!! love this!
{also, check out the "writing" overlay under TEXTURE}

smudgy edges ~ like? not sure!
{sort of like distressed wood}

looks almost like a canvas painting
{OR looking through a screen door}

& finally...


I'm not FUN-NY...
(I can't tell jokes}

BUT ---
sometimes I CAN make people laugh!! adding a mustache!!
{see the arrow directing your attention?}

BUT, this is probably my BEST work today!
"bugs, critters & scary guys"

I warned you --- this was a long post!

I L.O.V.E PicMonkey

worked on DE-CLUTTERING the garage
NOW I have some piles!
{free trash pick-up this Thurs & 
RAD is coming by Tues to take bags of clothes}


  1. What fun...I have been playing around with some of these too. My favorite is the one you did with the 'smudge' texture. Meanwhile I am still...yes still, trying to understand Photoshop ~ the journey continues.

  2. Love the processing effects. Well done!



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