Thursday, December 8, 2011


OKAY - I'm complaining... a teeny, tiny bit! 

A crisp, chill has hit the Central Coast! Our condo is situated in a "dip" (not a trench, valley, fissure or crevice) - ummm, perhaps it's a "gulch" & the temperatures in our driveway are 3-4 degrees colder than the house on the corner. BTW, we are the 12th house from the corner.

I drank a pot of coffee, two cups of hot tea, took a long, hot shower and I'm still chilled-to-the-bone

Our abode (house, nest, condo, castle, crash pad) was 57 degrees this morning! Yeck! Last night, I set the heater was at 70 (in hopes of getting our small abode warmed up). NO LUCK! So, this morning, on my third call I was able to book an appointment with a repairman

Umm... the part is being shipped (the switch on the circuit board fried)! Hopefully, it will arrive & be installed Friday afternoon?? otherwise, it'll be a chilly weekend in the E-E abode. Before you feel too sorry for me, we do have a gas fireplace downstairs... even with the fireplace running for 6 hours this morning I wasn't able to get the temperature above 62 degrees!

I had a dr appointment & back-to-back meetings this afternoon & evening! upon my return at 7:40 this evening, I cranked up the fireplace full-blast & the temperature has reached a high of 62 degrees. 

SO - I'm taking my stack of library books to bed! ohhh! I love flannel sheets... & I'll grab a quick warm-up in the shower before pulling on my cozy jammies (warmed in the dryer). I realize I'm not being energy conscious! & I'm very thankful for a roof over my head! 

Ohh... a couple of friends kept me company while I was waiting for the repairman to arrive this morning... talked to JPE this afternoon... he said it sounds colder on the Central Coast than in Cincinnati... 

BTW - his dad was moved to a care facility this afternoon! Hope to see pics soon.

Stay tuned for more news from the Central Coast..! 


  1. It's been cold here in Glendora too! You poor thing...I can't imagine not having the heater working. Hope that you warm up soon!

  2. Oh, brrr....I thought California was warm 365, not so huh?? And what a most inconvenient time for the furnace to stop working, ain't it always the way...stay warm

  3. Keep warm!! Sounds like you're freezing there!!!



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