Tuesday, November 29, 2011


Betsey Johnson Store ~ Stanford Shopping Center, Palo Alto, CA

Do you remember the fake, aluminum Christmas trees (from the 50's)

Did you ever have a rotating color wheel aimed at your aluminum tree? (the colors on the tree changed as the wheel rotated)

My grandma had one of those fake trees & a rotating color wheel that turned the tree red, blue, yellow & green... at the time, it was the latest trend?!? As kids (I think I was 7 or 8 years old), we thought she was the "best" grandma for having such a shiny tree

But - the shiny tree was missing something! that pine scent! ummm... pine always reminds me of Yosemite National Park or Big Sur.

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  1. Oh, yes - we had a shiny aluminum tree with the rotating color wheel! Nothing says the 50's like a shiny fake tree :) And when I was a kid, I loved that tree, for all its shiny goodness. Thanks for bringing back that memory.

  2. My mom pronounced aluminum Christmas trees "tacky," but my best friend, whose family I always thought was much more sophisticated than mine, had one. I thought it was an interesting novelty, but secretly preferred our own. We always had a real tree, the old-fashioned kind that smelled like Christmas and was decorated with a hodge-podge collection of ornaments. Many of them had been made by us kids over the years and were pretty tacky in their own right, but we loved them anyway.
    The same friend also had bubble lights on her tree one year. Remember those? I did covet them!

  3. My grandma didn't have a shiny tree, but she had those foil flowers behind each of the lights, so it looked shiny. I don't even put tinsel on my tree anymore (like I did as a kid), maybe it was shiny overload. :)

  4. We had the aluminum tree with the color wheel when I was growing up!! My mom still has it and put it up a couple of years ago, just for fun!!

  5. No aluminum trees, but my grandparents real tree got smaller as I grew up. It was easily 7ft when I was 3 but by 13, it was a table topper at 2ft. Allergies at my childhood home dictated a fake tree and out of pure laziness/frugalness, that tradition continues. :)

    My grandparents and mother had the glass birds with the real feather tails which I loved to pet. Think I broke someone's tail with love.



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