Monday, November 14, 2011


"wooden spoons" ~ Avila Barn
Girlfriends... nine? ten? six? 

Coming... Tuesday ~ after work...

Tonight... making Tortilla Soup + dessert (any suggestions?)

We used to play Bunco... then Apples to Apples... sometimes we go to the movies... or walks along the Bob Jones Trail... or craft...  

This month ~ we'll chat about how we'll spend the upcoming holidays! & select a restaurant for our December dinner! 

The group's been together for 18+ years??

it's sort of like a marriage...

  • we don't always agree, but we're polite when we disagree
  • we comfort each other ~ through divorce, death, illness, loss of work & emotionally difficult times
  • we've all experienced the challenges of watching our parents get sick, ill or frail, with some passing on
  • our kids (the majority are 20's-30's) & grandkids are topics of conversation
  • we've shopped, traveled, dined, attended parties & weddings together
  • we've driven each other crazy (much like siblings)
  • we don't discuss politics, religion or money

I've hosted slumber parties (years ago as a single, empty-nest mom), brunch, dinner(s), movie night(s), a book exchange, & a craft night ~ lots of memories in my dozen years with the group!

So - girlfriends ~ I'll be chopping, whipping, cooking, baking up something tasty to share... 

SEE YOU TUESDAY at 6pm... You can wear your pj's, if you like! 


  1. Have a good time...this sounds like lots of fun!

  2. How fun! I'd make an easy can never go wrong with Ghiradelli brownie mix! Hope it all goes well!

  3. That does sound like tons of fun! We love to play Apples to Apples. :)

  4. I made a Dutch Apple pie (crumb topping) - yummy smells. Now, off to bed - tomorrow's a long day at work & then my girls are coming!

  5. There's so much fun in girlfriend time!! I love the laughter, the hugs, and sometimes the tears!! Have a wonderful time!!

  6. wish i could of been there for some of that fun. I will be seeing you soon in our own family party! Love to my nieces also



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