Friday, June 10, 2011


Created by ACE for LARS
When SLE & ACE were growing up, they named our family dog, SNICKERS! A "mutt" (or mixed breed), SNICKERS  resembled a wiener dog & a terrier... 

ACE created this "SNICKERS" for her dad, as a ceramics assignment. 
I don't remember the exact "design requirement" ~ something with a wrapper? create an animal? something that is a "play on words"?  Such a creative mind! She "cracks me" up!!

Which brings me to the SUBJECT of today's post!


so... what do sort of CANDY do you like? something sweet? those sour candies with sugar? chocolate (dark? or milk?)? with nuts? what kind of nuts?

what a deal! 2 cups in a pack!!
JPE liked MILKY WAY, THREE MUSKETEERS, MILK DUDS (sounds like a chocolate-ly kind of person). But his favorite was (& still is) REECE'S PEANUT BUTTER CUPS... 

My DAD was the original CANDY MONSTER! he loved all sorts of candy! if you went with him to fill the car with gas, he'd buy you a candy bar at the gas station! 

sour patch candy
As a child, I remember him buying DOTS, JUJUBES, GOOD & PLENTY, ROLOS... His tastes changed as new candy came on the market! I'm sure his grandchildren remember him for his JELLY BELLIES and WERTHER'S CARMELS. I don't think he ever developed a taste for SOUR PATCH KIDS, though??

five flavors
When I was young, SANTA would put LIFE SAVERS in our stocking. The five flavor kind ~ cherry, lemon, orange, lime and grape! What sort of candy do you remember having around the holidays?

Cracker Jack's w/Sailor Jack
MOM would buy CRACKER JACKS for our family movie nights. In 1908, CRACKER JACK'S was immortalized in the song, "Take Me Out to the Ballgame." The third line goes, "Buy me some peanuts and CRACKER JACKS."
Do you remember collecting the prizes? a ring, stickers, charms... what other prizes were there?

GRANDMA JESSE (Jesse was her last name! all my grandmothers were called "Grandma" + their last name to keep them separate from each other! Grandma Knock & Grandma Castillo... ) had a round glass jar on her desk that she filled with wrapped candies. 
Coconut Neopolitans
Did you ever eat COCONUT NEOPOLITANS? they had three layers of coconut ~ strawberry, vanilla & chocolate. Secretly, I loved these candies!! I would eat a layer at a time... my brother & sister wouldn't sneak this candy, even if it was the ONLY candy in the jar.

Check out the OLD TIME CANDY STORE, and leave a comment about what sort of candy you loved as a child? or teen? or as an adult?

Check back for another post on C-A-N-D-Y!!!


  1. I'm a milk chocolate fan, kit kat currently my favourite, but will make do with a twix, mars bar,
    twirl, flake, anything along those lines.
    does any body remember something called moon dust or something like that, like sherbet but would explode in your mouth, we use to get that as a child.
    Oh and I am rather partial to jelly beans, the ones that taste like candy floss.

  2. I like milk chocolate with nuts and "jelly candy" (not like your jelly beans but similar) - and potatoe chips. Yum! :-)

  3. I miss the old candy cigerettes. Crazy? Maybe. I, also, liked Bit of Honey and the one that was like it but on a stick and was caramel. Can't remember the name. Going to drive me nuts. I loved getting my books of life savers at Christmas. Sugar Daddy!!! That is what they were called.
    Anyway, I'm always a sucker for butterscotch, caramel or toffee. Or all three coated in chocolate. Dang - now I'm hungry.

  4. I can never say "no" to chocolate!

  5. Hi Chris;
    I so remember all you said about candy. Yes Grandma Jesse always did have that famous candy jar. Thanks for the memories;

    Sue, cousin

  6. Our treat on Friday nights as a kid, my dad would buy Baby Ruth and Butterfinger candy bars and a big bottle of Coca Cola. We would all sit in front of our black and white TV and watch the fights. My dad got the biggest kick out of Georgeous George!



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