Sunday, June 12, 2011


GOODBYE Food Pyramid!
I was visiting MEG DUERKSEN @ WHATEVER... & she asked the question, "What do you feed your kids in the summer?" 

Over 200 women commented... so, visit MEG'S SITE to see the tasty meal & snack suggestions posted. 

Before you venture to WHATEVER, consider some of these COMMON SENSE IDEAS: 

1) Don't operate your kitchen as a cafeteria or restaurant. kids will eat what's put in front of them, IF they are hungry. OR they can wait until the next meal. 

2) Eliminate eating non-stop! whether this happens in your  home, when you are out running errands, at the park, or while transporting kids - STOP! LOOK around & I think you'll agree... it seems kids are allowed to SNACK ALL-DAY LONG!!! When dinner comes, they aren't hungry for the meal being served. 

3) Check your habits. Not only are our eating habits supporting a CULTURE of "NEED-IT! WANT-IT! & NOW!" but more importantly, children are eating out of boredom, often substituting sweet drinks for water, consuming a full day's calories before dinner, and may not be eating a healthy portion of a day's suggested amounts.

Over the years, eating & physical activity habits have changed - When I was growing up (the 50's), we were not allowed to get a snack unless we asked permission & it wouldn't "ruin our dinner" (meaning, "ruin our appetite" for dinner). And, everyone knows we spent more time outside "playing"... 

4) Commit to adopting a simpler outlook on eating. I saw this in a NYTimes article - check the date on this poster, published by the US Food Administration. 1917... these concepts are NOT NEW!!

5) Model healthy living. SO - while your kids are young - establish eating habits that are healthy, ones you can live with financially (box drinks were expensive - perhaps you might consider these as treats to be used while traveling), and allow your kids to learn to make wise food selections & portions.

Question: are you running a cafeteria? restaurant? fast food stand? 

I'd like to continue this conversation later this week...


  1. I plan and cook our meals, and fast food is considered a treat. For us, going through the drive thru is just too expensive! :)

  2. Domestic ScribblesJune 19, 2011 at 6:00 PM

    The feeding plan doesn't change but thankfully summer brings the farmer's market advantage (and weekly adventure for all of us). Less lunches packed to school works out better for us and the environment, even if I send as many reusable containers as I possibly can.

    I'm so glad they've gotten rid of the pyramid for a concept everyone can visualize. Love the 1917 poster.

    I have been dropping by and enjoying your posts. I am envious of moments of mediation. I'm glad the boot is gone and I hope physical therapy helps bring you back to 110%! Just doing my best to ENJOY SIMPLY, FEEL DEEPLY, and THINK FREELY. (Ok, probably too much time thinking ;-)



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