Monday, February 15, 2016

GOOD. RANDOM. FUN. V.7 {2016}

Sunday, February 14, 2016 - VALENTINE'S DAY
GOOD - Went for an afternoon drive to our favorite place along the Shell Beach cliffs! Yesterday was a beautiful, warm (mid-80's) day along the beach. Not exactly winter weather, but okay, I can live with a few days, THEN we better get some more of that El Nino weather (meaning... rain) before all the trees bloom thinking it's Spring. The 101 highway was sooo crowded it took us 65 minutes to drive home... in general, it's a 15 minute drive.

RANDOM - A group of women were practicing their hula dance for an upcoming performance. They were being accompanied by a guy on his guitar. A lovely addition to the beauty of the coastline.

Allie's classroom - Thursday, February 11th
FUN - Volunteered in Allie's TK classroom. (TK = Transitional Kindergarten). Haven't seen her students since October... they are ALL 5 years old now...
She has the most interesting items in her classroom! a new set of puppets with an upper & lower case letter on them...
And, doesn't this plate of (plastic) spaghetti look tasty? At the beginning of the school year, playing in the kitchen was the TOP choice during free-time... now it's the writing center (they love those glue sticks + scrap paper). Allie has a huge stack of little "treasures" created by her students!
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Last I checked, she was enjoying
a snowy day on the slopes!

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  1. The puppets sound awesome! The sunset on the beach is amazing - your temps were 90 degrees warmer than here!



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