Monday, February 1, 2016

GOOD. RANDOM. FUN. V.5 {2016}

Saturday, we took a drive to Montana de Oro... about 25 minutes from our house. There are H.U.G.E. cliffs with sweeping views of the midnight blue ocean. Waves were pounding the rocks, people stood along the bluffs enjoying the wind and watched the storm blow in. It was sooooo GOOD to be out in nature...

Hopping rocks, looking in tidepools, exploring between the incoming tide... A few RANDOM samples of ocean life. 

Some FUN... a break from procrastinating
(still decluttering the bathrooms,
honestly, I haven't gotten far...).
Too late for Christmas, but it was certainly FUN mailing this ornament to Allie & Brian
  • I photocopied both sides of their wedding invitation on card-stock, cut it into slivers of paper, which I rolled around a pencil & dropped them inside this glass bauble.
  • Then I punched purple(s) & green confetti from the crepe paper I used to make their wedding flowers. 
  • Here are the photos I sent to family showing them how this looked. Since no one had seen the ornament, I labeled the arrows showing them what the curled paper pieces were... C.U.T.E. & FUN!

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  1. What a great place to explore! Thanks for linking up!

  2. Those sea photos are stunning!



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