Thursday, November 5, 2015


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It's a real stress-buster... well... ONCE, you get over the idea that you are "wasting time" that would be better spent doing laundry, vacuuming the car (mine needs it), cleaning the garage (urrghhh! I promise to get to this JPE) or running errands.

Allie & Brian gave me some art supplies as a retirement gift, and I've been "sneaking" some time to just COLOR. I say JUST because I'm guilty of multi-tasking... watching HGTV & reading blogs with a pile of folded laundry beside me & another in the dryer. I've found that if I COLOR at my workspace, I get in the zone! I don't have the other distractions calling to me... this feeling continues to be problematic, I still feel like I'm "wasting time"... urgghhh.

So, my question is: how do you get over the idea that you are "wasting time"? please share.

I mentioned minimal supplies are needed. I've used felt tip pens & COLORED pencils... a child could use crayons (I like fine points, so I'll leave crayons to other projects). Just experiment with what you have on hand.

I have several adult COLORING books, but, a search on GOOGLE brought up several websites that allow you to print them from your own printer.

Easy Peasy & Fun - check out their holiday COLORING pages (under Printables)

Trail of Color - offers a variety of COLORING sheets for adults and children.

The design I'm COLORING I downloaded from Jenean Morrison ( an artist with many COLORING books on the market, including four that were recently published in France. Click on this link to see several unique ways to COLOR in the spaces (scroll to the bottom of the post).  

Reminder... if you DO download COLORING sheets, please remember these generally have a copyright & are for public use only.

I was searching for COLORBOOKS on Amazon, and found TWO COLORING books with drawings that were created by Mary Engelbreit. They appeared on the cover but were credited to the person who is selling the book as their own work. SO, I wrote Mary (I still have all her magazines - being the magazine hoarder I am) to alert her to what I found! I received a PERSONAL message from Mary (& one from her marketing representative) thanking me for having "eagle eyes".... BTW, Mary has her own COLORBOOK which can be found HERE!

Ah, such is the life of a creative, huh?!!


  1. I just got a coloring book - it's so relaxing!!

  2. I have couple books which I bought from Michaels and Barnes& noble. I use them for patterns. Fun to color with though



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