Wednesday, November 4, 2015


Colonial Williamsburg, Virginia

A question I've wondered about?
Do amateur photographers (such as myself) take black & white photos INTENTIONALLY? I'm one of those photographers who doesn't manipulate the camera setting to capture ONLY black & white pics. In most cases, I take photos in color & WHEN the color is fuzzy, or the object is blurry, I change the photo to B&W. I would imagine my photos would be crisper or might have more depth to them if I were INTENTIONAL about shooting in B&W. I'm going to give that a try!

Governor's Palace ~ Colonial Williamsburg
Intricate scrollwork. Incredibly detailed statue.
Entrance to the bricked compound.
(which we didn't get a reservation to tour)

The palace housed 7 royal governors, as well as
the first two elected governors in Virginia.
In addition to housing leaders of that time, it was built to project British wealth & the authority that money brought.

transported back in time

It's late September, 1781!
The general addressed the colonial townspeople, explaining a revolution is on the horizon.
The colonists have gathered around the troops to cheer them on
as they prepare for battle.
A canon is fired signifying they are ready for battle in Yorktown.

relief map of Colonial Williamsburg

I'm a MAP-LOVER! paper, digital & relief...
My traveling companions (Mom & JPE) discussing Colonial Williamsburg layout.  

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what is your response to my QUESTION?


  1. These are lovely! Sometimes I am in a black and white mood. Usually I love the color!

  2. I shoot both, but not exlusively! Each has it's merits! Love Williamsburg!

  3. I am so happy to see you are back!

    The photos are great, I love black and white and sepia photos I think they lend a certain effect that can be very satisfying. I mostly use color because of what I take pictures for, but then I am a complete amateur. When I think of the famous photographers I always think of black and white pictures.

  4. Oh I love a map too and even put them on my Christmas wish list


  5. These shots are great in monochrome! Personally, I do the same thing with the photos--change to b&w later. When I am taking photos, I don't think about what they wold look like in black and white, even though my camera does lots of fun stuff.



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